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  1. Truly sad, any regular at Caboolture knows this plane. My thoughts to family, friends, and at the Caboolture Aero Club. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers to them all!
  2. QLD Police update: Update: The ultralight plane wreckage was located just north of Beerburrum - Woodford Rd at Glasshouse Mountains.
  3. Welcome mate! Good forum community here, Fly safe, Scoob
  4. Geez mate, all the best for you and the family, hopefully it wont be long and you'll be back on your feet and tuckin into a snag at another Gofly BBQ! Take care
  5. It may very well be safe to fly and each pilot is different, but ultimately your the PIC and if you dont feel right then don't fly. The safety of the plane is one thing, you have to feel it's safe within yourself as well. You did the right thing!
  6. Trikes are awesome, back to basics flying! I fly both trikes and 3 axis. Haven't been up in the trike for a while, the wind up here has kept our toys in the hanger. Enjoy your flying!
  7. Well done! Remember that feeling well!
  8. Now you have done it! It's in your blood now :-)
  9. From what im hearing, Des' wife and 2 other couples were onboard! Anyone who spends regular time around YCAB, knows this plane. It gets around a fair bit. Still got hopes they will be found.
  10. Excelent video Sally! Definately enjoyed watching, thanks for posting
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