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  1. Problem with that is they are all built differently. You need to sit in the one you want to buy I reckon.
  2. I have a Corby - I'm 88Kg and 5'11" and fit fine. I had to lower the seat from the previous owner but I have a couple of inches clearance above my head so all good. I am selling mine as I am not flying anywhere near as much as I should so if you're still interested give me a call. I know there are a few guys over 6' tall flying Starlets from the Yahoo group so it is doable. I flew mine back from Sydney to Adelaide which was fine. Lovely plane and I know I'm going to regret selling but it seems waste to have it just sitting there.
  3. Pilot is fine physically. Not feeling too well mentally (understandable I think).
  4. I could but too busy at work :) If anyone is interested here is a link to the app user manual http://www.smartavionics.com/pb3/PropellerBalancerManual.pdf Some good general interest reading there about the process.
  5. I have a PB-3 -works OK with the Android interface - I just bought an el cheapo mobile and use that.
  6. David you shouldn't have to quickly decide anything - you should always be looking for a spot to land and be aware of the wind. I always fly wondering what I would do right now if the engine stops. I've had 2 sudden engine failures. I think this guy did OK considering the errors he made. Not ideal bu he survived and the plane can probably be used again so a good landing.
  7. I was an instructor and I used to do circuits on my own - you get to practice almost everything in a circuit rather than just flying aimlessly around.
  8. Just ask him he'll tell you! Joking, I know him well and yes he's still around.
  9. The RAAF SAR squirrels in Darwin in the 80's used to carry a shotgun under the back seats for just this sort of thing.
  10. I also just tuck my microphone into the earpiece of my headphones. Works great.
  11. I bought a unit from Aircraft Spruce with adapters. Works well and appears to be of good quality. Don't buy one off ebay.
  12. Yes Great Plains 1915cc. Climbs at 1500fpm and cruise at 110k at about 3200 rpm. I love it, handles really nicely and is a joy to fly. I seriously like the looks of the OP's aircraft though - I really like tail draggers and his looks the part big time.
  13. Very nice. Here's my recent purchase. [GALLERY=media, 3686]Corby by Thirsty posted Jan 19, 2016 at 2:51 PM[/GALLERY]
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