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  1. I did have an aircraft with vibrations which seemed to be carb related turned out to be gearbox. Vibrations caused carb flooding.
  2. Seems like carbs are going out of balance, I don't believe it is electrical but carb related
  3. You have now presented more things wrong than a simple ground speed lower than planned which was stated in the question. Are you sure you aren't now employed by CASA?
  4. If it was carb ice there would be a reduction in revs. GS is outside of aircraft systems.
  5. How to determine xwind from windsock? Not an accurate science. Next time your at a field ask around what pilots think the wind speed is from reading the windsock? Could be quite educational.
  6. My concern with the Chinese rotax copy is parts supply, no not for the Zongshen but the genuine rotax if fake parts start filtering through that could cause your rotax to become less than it should be.
  7. Price is ‘rigged’ by manufacturer of course.
  8. My 914 j400 does not need lead in the tail w&b is spot on
  9. Yes the j400 is the same as a j430 but with the shorter wings. Empty wt 345kg useful load 355kg good for my family at the moment. Good aircraft. Lifts more than a c172, cruises faster, climbs much much better, all on half the fuel.
  10. I might add wheel alignment can add to a cause. I checked one recently and found left wheel toed in a lot, I would think it would make landing interesting. Ended up replacing the gear leg.
  11. So what makes 2 pak paint so much heavier than other paint? How do you weigh your paint?
  12. I take the family flying with me. I have a Jab 400. 2weeks ago flew to Corryong for a picnic, walk to town and fly home. Perfect weather for flying an aircraft I built in my garage with the family onboard hooting along at 115kt on less than 20lt/hr My wife likes to go flying.
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