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  1. Yenn a broken sensor wire?
  2. Just to pass on how to quickly and easily test for ethanol in fuel, a few drops of water based food colour added to clear testing container add fuel sample, if it contains ethanol the whole sample will change colour, if no ethanol food colouring remains as globules on the bottom( can even be used again) cheers
  3. I believe that kitfox was heavy (over 400kg) empty, instead of spending a squillion on more power, it would of benefitted from a diet!
  4. My submission to airservices This proposal will not increase safety, likely to decrease safety, several issues that come to mind, 1) aircraft are not fitted with AGL meters, 500' agl is easy enough to questimate, but 1500' agl is a very vague figure, especially when operating around hilly terrain, just from where or how are pilots to ascertain where the limits are? 2) training schools are required to carry out stall training, according to the syllabus, stalls must be recovered by 3000' agl, in order to comply they will all have to be fitted with a transponder at a not insignifi
  5. Finally got a reply, seems they are very busy with questions
  6. I asked a question of asa still waiting for a response, hope they can respond before the 14th. I asked if low cost ads-b was suitable for vfr without a transponder? I think I already know what the answer is. As mentioned AGL is too vague to be implemented especially in varying terrain. Imagine training for stalls at 1500' I believe that's asking for trouble. Instead of increasing safety it would actually be decreasing safety, imagine getting caught in rotor around the mountains because you had to fly low! Not to mention the rougher conditions down low, adding stress to both pilot and ai
  7. Clear as mud! Take it to extreme with rear cg you could be at position to have full forward stick and still not be able to prevent stall. Obviously this would be outside cg limits.
  8. Stall stick position would change would it not with a different cg? If I load passengers in rear seat it would mean I need less rearward stick movement to stalling AofA
  9. I did have an aircraft with vibrations which seemed to be carb related turned out to be gearbox. Vibrations caused carb flooding.
  10. Seems like carbs are going out of balance, I don't believe it is electrical but carb related
  11. You have now presented more things wrong than a simple ground speed lower than planned which was stated in the question. Are you sure you aren't now employed by CASA?
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