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  1. rodgerc

    Waiex Sonex

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Superbly built fun machine looking for a loving family to adopt.

    39,000.00 AUD

    Kilcoy, Queensland - AU


    • FOR SALE
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    Sonex Waiex offered for sale by builder. Powered by upgraded AeroVee 2.1 (2276cc) with Prince P-Tip prop. 115kt cruise at 18L/h. Dynon D180 panel, XCOM 760 radio, Garmin 196 GPS. Built 2014. 126h TT. VH- experimental rego suitable for 19- RA-Aus. Prof prepped and painted in 2-part polyurethane. A1 condition inside and out.

    39,000.00 AUD

  3. I have a completed Sonex Waiex at Kilcoy that you’re welcome to check out.
  4. Aborted a takeoff and heavy braking caused the tail to rise a bit too high. Ended up with 20mm missing from the tips of my Sensenich. D'oh! Still, grateful it wasn't much worse...Nothing time and money can't fix.
  5. Thanks Peter. Enjoy Oshkosh. by the way, if you're planning on shipping anything home, let me know and I'll share the shipping cost. Thanks to a prop strike last weekend, I have to order some parts from Sonex
  6. Missed by that much, Chief.
  7. A clip of a short flight from Kilcoy to Redcliffe and return for fuel, in Waiex VH-YEX (aka KAYOS) last Saturday morning.
  8. Campbell Sharp's video make interesting viewing frame x frame