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  1. rodgerc

    Waiex Sonex

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Superbly built fun machine looking for a loving family to adopt.

    39,000.00 AUD

    Kilcoy, Queensland - AU

  2. rodgerc

    Waiex (V-tail Sonex)


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Sonex Waiex offered for sale by builder. Powered by upgraded AeroVee 2.1 (2276cc) with Prince P-Tip prop. 115kt cruise at 18L/h. Dynon D180 panel, XCOM 760 radio, Garmin 196 GPS. Built 2014. 126h TT. VH- experimental rego suitable for 19- RA-Aus. Prof prepped and painted in 2-part polyurethane. A1 condition inside and out.

    39,000.00 AUD

  3. rodgerc

    Affirm? Or Roger...

    I see nothing wrong with Roger. Rodger
  4. rodgerc

    Sonex or Ch601/650 kits

    I have a completed Sonex Waiex at Kilcoy that you’re welcome to check out.
  5. rodgerc

    A little KAYOS in the morning

    Aborted a takeoff and heavy braking caused the tail to rise a bit too high. Ended up with 20mm missing from the tips of my Sensenich. D'oh! Still, grateful it wasn't much worse...Nothing time and money can't fix.
  6. rodgerc

    A little KAYOS in the morning

    Thanks Peter. Enjoy Oshkosh. by the way, if you're planning on shipping anything home, let me know and I'll share the shipping cost. Thanks to a prop strike last weekend, I have to order some parts from Sonex ☹️
  7. rodgerc

    A little KAYOS in the morning

    Missed by that much, Chief.
  8. rodgerc

    A little KAYOS in the morning

    A clip of a short flight from Kilcoy to Redcliffe and return for fuel, in Waiex VH-YEX (aka KAYOS) last Saturday morning.
  9. We're the flaps asymmetric?
  10. Campbell Sharp's video make interesting viewing frame x frame