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  1. How do you know ? Your an astro naut are you ? All work and no play ..... so they say , Back when jabiru first started ; one of the first kits , made by the the "tooth fairy " at Bundaberg , the local ABC radio interviewed him and " cookie " his mate , They are both on record and went on air sitting in the half completed fuse making all sorts of airplane noises to there harts content . They did complete it , and went on to achive similar highs of excellence , We all carnt be an astronaut
  2. Are the intercoolers a common Mod . on these engines , ??? Mike
  3. If it runs better with fresh fuel , good bet its the fuel . Ive had similar issues with stale &or contaminated 95 & 98 , ive gon back to avgas , and have resolved the build up of crud by running a tank of fress mogas when its available and i'm about to do a lot of flying . I will pull the heads off at 200 hrs anywhoo. This isnt a rotax , LCH 3300 jab . Same issues with the cooler running heads . I found by draing tanks and leaving them dry for longish periods the fuel lines tend to dry out and on one occasion i had fuel leaks when i filled up again I leave a few litrs of
  4. Dont listen to him , sit in it and Dream , only make noises when you know your alone ........... Otherwise ....?
  5. I guess that means posting the computer back to you to be reflashed ?? I tried a couple weeks ago to buy the ign. Mod . off the SDS site , but our lousy internet sevice is ....... Well??? Since then ive had car $ issues , but might be a good time to send the unit back to SDS this winter , be ready for christmas .! Mike .
  6. Alf , im gong in three weeks to have right knee done , I also need micro surgery ony Right hand , seems a problem after the prang ! Thats another year ill have to sit around and dream about flying , all the while keeping every thing registered and current ! Mike Pity party over .
  7. Are we now trying to tell the Med pro's ?? I can see the day when you rock up for a knee job , and the Doc says , do it yourself , to much risk ,
  8. The Avocet runs well with the SDS efi .those figures and fuel savings are correct , There is a HUGE difference in the fuel economy and power increase and smooth running EGT spread within 50deg . Compared to carby ? Heaps better . Im going to order the ignition module from SDS , as soon as ive replaced the clutch , gearbox & tranfer box on the Discovery !!! Cars , who needs em !!? Mike .
  9. Hi , i was wondering if anybody knows or would be interested in building a scale flying modle of my Avocet ?$ , for test flying ,ect . Mike
  10. Pass on my thoughts for a Speedy recovery Tim , good to have mates to come to your aid in hard times Mike
  11. Booooo...t..ch..e ....splutter , cough , fart . Ps Sorry
  12. The jab coils dont like getting hot , cool air should be ducted onto them . The only trouble ive had is with long hot taxi , at Avalon one year , changed the coil out and have not had any issues since , irridium or D9EA plugs .
  13. Had a locust hit the windscreen at 4,500 ft , bit of jolt !
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