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  1. old man emu

    Bankstown Lane of Entry

    http://ontrack.casa.gov.au/plan?routeId=11005 This is interesting: https://www.casa.gov.au/sites/g/files/net351/f/_assets/main/lib100266/draft-sydney-basin-aeronautical-study-march2015.pdf
  2. old man emu

    Silly aviation pictures.

    Yeah, bugger it. The ripcord caught on the handle of my flight bag.
  3. old man emu

    Hunter Valley Incident 4/3/19

    It's a good thing he didn't lose his bottle handling the situation.
  4. old man emu

    Bloody Jetstar

    Ian, You might do better to get yourself out to a truck stop at Camberwell, or other place on the Hume and hitch a ride with an over-nighter. On the way home, go to Uncle Louie's at the Cross Roads, near Liverpool and get a ride from there.
  5. old man emu

    plane hits ferris wheel - video

    It's the way of the world. "It wasn't my fault. Somebody else did the wrong thing. Money will ease my mind."
  6. I find the intellectual exercise of using map, compass, chronometer and whizz wheel most enjoyable. However, it is only enjoyable while sitting at a desk doing the pre-flight planning. Digital technology adds to overall flying safety. It allows the pilot to carry out the primary role of a pilot - to fly the plane. Remember the first rule of emergency response? Fly the plane. Anything that lets a pilot spend more time concentrating on flying the plane is good.
  7. old man emu

    plane hits ferris wheel - video

  8. old man emu

    Proposed Wing Spar AD for PA28 and PA32 aircraft

    Here's the calculation: Before further flight after completing the action in paragraph (g)(1) of this AD: ((g) Review Airplane Maintenance Records and Calculate Factored Service Hours for Each Main Wing Spar (1) Within 30 days after the effective date of this AD, review the airplane maintenance records and determine the number of 100-hour inspections completed on the airplane since new and any record of wing spar replacement(s). calculate the factored service hours for each main wing spar using the following formula: (N x 100) + [T-(N x 100)]/17 = Factored Service Hours, where N is the number of 100-hour inspections and T is the total hours TIS of the airplane. Thereafter, after each annual inspection and 100-hour TIS inspection, recalculate the factored service hours for each main wing spar until the main wing spar has accumulated 5,000 or more factored service hours. It will be interesting to see how CASA rewords this into Australian terms. The way things have been said in the videos, the Americans only do 100 hourly inspections for each 100 hours' TIS, but we would do an equivalent inspection annually. So, for Australia, for an underused aircraft (private ownership low annual usage),do you determine the value of N from the number of annuals since new? Commercially operated aircraft obviously have more thatn one 100 hourly per year. Let's look at a 1968 PA28-180 privately owned. 50 hours per annum TIS. By December 2019, the aircraft will have had 50 annual/100 hourly inspections; N = 50. Its TIS will be 3750 hrs. (50 x 100) + {[3750 - (50 x 100)]/17} = 5000 + {[3750 - 5000]/17} = 5000 - {[1250]/17} = 5000 - 73.529 = 5000 - 73.6 = 4926.4 Factored Service Hours You have to be careful with the second component of this calculation. it is only the T-(N x 100) that is divided by 17. looks like a lot of the PA28 family will be sitting around doing nothing over the next couple of years while the people doing non-destructive testing catch up with the demand. Looking for a good career: http://www.attar.com.au/?q=node/221
  9. old man emu

    Proposed Wing Spar AD for PA28 and PA32 aircraft

    AN176 bolts are Close Tolerance bolts with a 3/8" diameter, 24 TPI. Tool size 9/16" AF. They have a triangle marking on the bolt head. Up to April 1990, these bolts, if steel, were unplated. From then on, they were made with CAD ll plating. Plated bolts have to be replaced with plated bolts. https://military-fasteners.com/bolts/a_series/AN176-20 In his description of the wing at 1:58, is he correct? I thought the spar was to the leading edge of the wing.
  10. old man emu

    Built up areas

    Taken to be approved because those VFR lanes have been set out by CASA. The Australian Road Rules provides the following definition for 'Built-Up Area': Built-up area, in relation to a length of road, means an area in which either of the following is present for a distance of at least 500 metres or, if the length of road is shorter than 500 metres, for the whole road: buildings, not over 100 metres apart, on land next to the road; street lights not over 100 metres apart.
  11. old man emu

    Built up areas

    Use of the VFR lane would be taken to be CASA approved. As would approach/departure routes associated with an ALA. The term "built-up area" is not defined specifically in any Australian legislation, other than the Australian Road Rules. Therefore, since they didn't define it, the legislators must have considered that the term was one of common knowledge. It is like the word "safely" which is not defined in any WH&S legislation, or road rules, but it is expected that everyone understands the concept. So you can legally fly across a city using VFR lanes, and you can overfly built-up areas at a minimum of 1000' going to or from an ALA, but you can't fly off the beaten track in an LSA to see your house from the air.
  12. old man emu

    Western Sydney Airport named.

    Lawrence Hargraves was nominated. Max & Jim - isn't that father and son? I'm deliberately not mentioning people who were not based in NSW like Horrie Miller of Macrobertson Miller in WA.
  13. old man emu

    Western Sydney Airport named.

    Here is Andrew Badgery's WWl Service Record: https://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/SearchNRetrieve/Interface/ViewImage.aspx?B=3044004 It seems that stuff must have happened to him early on when he was operating in Egypt. Seems he got what we call Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and lost the confidence to fly. He was supposed to be sent back to Australia to act as an instructor, but no training was being done back Home. He went to London and was assigned to a training flight. His PTSD prevented him from flying in anything other than perfect conditions, so his commanders transferred him to an office job. There is a letter in there from him to High Command in which he says he didn't want to fly an aeroplane gain. He was , however, disappointed that his condition prevented him from being with his comrades in No 1 Sqn, AFC. As an aside, there is a record of correspondence between him and the Government in which he offers an Anzani aero-engine. Probably the same engine that was in the plane he built. Mr Google can't find any Caulder. Most likely it was a Caudron
  14. old man emu

    Advice on hiring out my aircraft

    If the plane is not going to be used for a few months, why don't you see if someone with their own strip not far out of Melbourne will let you park the plane there for the time being. I'm sure a slab would be a lot cheaper than forking out for hangarage.
  15. old man emu

    Advice on hiring out my aircraft

    Any money generated from rentals will be sucked up into paying for higher insurance costs if the aircraft is going to be used for training; paying for the scheduled maintenance which is based on hours operated; unscheduled maintenance as a result of normal wear and tear; accident damage which is hopefully restricted to replacing flat-spotted tyres. The amount of usage won't be anywhere near what was estimated by the mob who are going to put the aircraft on line because they will want their own planes earning money before yours does. Nobody treats any rental vehicle - car, boat or plane - as if it was their own. These are the unhappy truths. You are to be applauded by making your aircraft available to others, but if you want to see it used more, search out a few people who you think you could trust to look after the aircraft, and offer usage to them. However, before you let anyone hire it, write up a strict, and I mean very strict, set of conditions of use which deal with the care of the aircraft and its equipment. Include a direction that any and all damage, breakages, equipment failures must be documented in a damages register and the record is held by the mob who is minding the keys for you. If you want a guide to how to record the condition of the aircraft before and after a rental, go scrounge a copy of a vehicle hire record from a mob like Hertz.