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  1. The Airtruk was a noisy little bugger, we could always hear them climb out of the Seven Hills yard, back in the days of my married bliss in nearby Baulkham Hils. when I actually owned a house.
  2. Any thread you want to post to should be fine Pete. Many on here would be so glad to hear that you're not pushing the daises out of the ground. Kind Rgds. Alan (planey)
  3. Fantastic! I just love to see how guys on these forums help each other, and try to solve problems. Well done! It's all about watching others backs, and trying to keep us all safe.
  4. Thanks lee-wave, of course you are correct. Just goes to show that great Aussie wine can confuss your fuzzle box late at night. Wing Cdr. Ken Wallis lived up on the east coast in Norfolk I think.
  5. I donated a nice framed print of a Britten Norman Islander geo survey plane. Makes me wonder what ever happened to that, but won't loose any sleep over it.
  6. So do you know what happened to "Little Nellie" out of curiosity? It's probably worth a lot more than it's build cost these days, if it's still around somewhere.
  7. As they say, there are sometimes when you are airborne when you wish you hadn't left the ground. Been there, done that too many times. Pass the glue please.
  8. You are probably at Redhill. I know it well. Just keep the Jabby away from my nephew who flys his models not far away.
  9. About 760 mph 1100 ft/sec at sea level on a standard day which relates to temperature and air density, and about 660 mph at 35,000 ft. Obviously that is air speed travelling through a column of air, not ground speed which could increase the figure by 100 mph if flying with a jet stream
  10. WOW! That was like watching tennis at centre-court at Wimbledon (minus the strawberries) It's amazing the thing held together at that speed despite it's very clean design. Presumably carbon-fibre construction.
  11. Garuda 747 flight to London Gatwick many years ago we had three aborted take-offs in succession at Abu Dhabi, before eventually getting off-loaded to a tired looking Air Lanka 747 to Paris, then British Caledonian to Gatwick. Luggage arrived 3 days later. When boarding for trip home 2 weeks later noticed the name City of Jakarta on the nose, same aircraft that had problems outbound, did not inspire a lot of confidence. Chatting to an engineer on the ground at Abu Dhabi, he said the captain had had problems ever since they left Denpasar and refused to fly it any further. Don't know what th
  12. Like people that have light blue boats. If something goes pear shaped, it's an advantage not blend into the background scenery.
  13. This rescue appeared on my facebook page and I thought it was worth sharing with you all. https://www.facebook.com/UNILADAdventure/videos/701284040747466
  14. My son had two Merc's given to him, both 1990 -1996 models and they both needed new wiring looms because Merceded decided in their error to use biodegradable wiring insulation, which after a few years fell apart causing fires and all sorts of problems, and very costly to replace.. I'm happy with my 2008 Falcon wagon running on lpg and 400,000km on clock, so it's probably what you call a half life engine. Sorry about thread drift, back to aviation topic!
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