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  1. OMG! Too techy for an old bugger like me Phil. Thanks anyway, but I think i'll have to just enjoy the photo's that you post.
  2. That looks great Phil. Have thought of having a go myself, but even if camera is on tripod, over a three hour period surely the subjects would have moved over that period of time. Probably more so if hooked up to a telescope which would bring images closer. Yea, don't laugh, I know I have a lot to learn, but I enjoy seeing what others have achieved.
  3. Looking great Mark! Bet you're getting excited at now starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Well done!
  4. Like so many things in life, I believe that generally, simplicity, is the essence of reliability.
  5. Nah! Phil, when he's got too many, his altimeter will give him a few clues Stop worrying.
  6. Sadly, an autogiro has come to grief in the Hunter Valley. 1 dead and the the other flown to Royal North Shore hospital in critical conditions with burns. Hope and pray that he manages to pull through. Condolences to all associated with the one who didn't make it. https://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/news/emergency-services-respond-to-light-plane-crash-in-the-hunter-valley/news-story/c3e8336138639c91a850020e2d61931d
  7. Sounds great! keep at it mate.
  8. Shortly after arriving in Oz, I found myself out of a job and went through very tough times for a while. With a young family, it was suggested that I seek a helping hand from welfare, but I couldn't bring myself to do it as I hadn't contributed. Tough times can be a great motivator if you pull your finger out, but not everyone thinks the same. 40 odd years later having built a successful small business, i'd do the same again if I had to. Prior to coming here, we were subjected to very thorough medical check ups. Maybe the standards have slipped? The general health of
  9. Hopefully the pilot will be ok. https://www.9news.com.au/national/plane-crash-at-melbourne-gold-course-with-pilot-stuck-inside/32332e0e-e8e0-481f-b880-c87749dce24d
  10. Just remembered who told me the story about the young fellah who flew solo in a Tiger Moth to get training for an actual flying licence. It was the late Rod Hay from Katoomba who many will remember. Lovely guy and sadly missed by many. We shared lot's of laughs one weekend at a Narromine event.
  11. Many moons ago there was a young fellah who'd supposedly been flying his grandfathers Tiger Moth around the property for years with no licence. As the story goes, someone told him he'd have to get a license, or end up in the poo. Apparently he used to fly the Tiger Moth solo to an airfield not too far away to undertake proper lessons where he eventually got his licence. I suppose this could have an element of truth to it if you lived out in the sticks, but I can't vouch for it's accuracy. It is something I was told a long time ago at a fly-in, where as many would know, that
  12. In some outback places, the normal rules that apply for all, are not always adhered to. Who know's, but dosen't want to say? Maybe time will reveal, maybe not!
  13. See Mate!, we told you you could do it. We had every faith in you. Just get it all finished before it's time to push the daises out of the ground. You are an inspiration to others. Rgds Planey.
  14. So what's the story if a pilot also takes his pet dog along for the ride?
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