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  1. Whatever facts are presented, there will always be a minority who know better because they've been lucky so far. And of course we hope it may continue.
  2. Thanks Peter, I missed it. You know the old saying carrots are good for ones eyesight, but good wine can double your vision. Next time i'll eat my carrots first.
  3. Maybe this might help. Enjoy that glass of red you deserve a break. Kind rgds Planey
  4. That's most interesting. Thanks red. What! no photo's yet Quick get on yer bike.
  5. steering him towards the Spratly Islands, which put a real chink in his original flight plan
  6. The graphics look great, but I couldn't help but notice that the upper part of the Harbour Bridge is missing. Possibly those midnight scrap metal thieves have been at it again. At least mine is complete in FSX and good fun to fly under.
  7. May be not politically correct OK. However, I did convince a young mum family member to take a TIF back early this year. She and her partner have much deeper pockets than myself, so that was a relief to my wallet. She too, reckoned it was one of the best experiences she had ever had, and her Facebook photo's said it all.
  8. So with all the Covid 19 restrictions affecting our lives, flying activities have also taken a big hit. Flying clubs, training organisations, forums, etc; have all suffered as a result, not to mention reduced financial incomes in many, many cases. So what have you all been doing as a result of this? This great site is also reported to have much reduced activity, so tell us about some of the things you have done during this period, and hopefully we can swell the activity numbers a bit. Every post is then and opportunity for someone to respond to, and hopefully it is interesting and worthwhi
  9. Loved them both as a kid. I lived between RAF Biggin Hill and RAF Hendon which is only a few miles apart, so saw heaps of them flying over at low altitude. Later memories include seeing The BEA Elizabethans and also the Bristol Brabazon fly over. Just goes to show, i'm an old fart now
  10. For anyone who's finished building and lost for something to do during the Covid 19 lock down? I have a bargain on offer.
  11. well used kebab skewers, and the flock took off disappearing behind a cloud of red dust................
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