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  1. Thanks onetrack. Don't know what happened there. Tried to delete the link on my post but I think it may have been too long to be able to do it.
  2. Giro down at Stockton Beach NSW this morning. Looks like substancial damage sustained, but main thing is both occupants OK. https://www.solutionsempowerment.com/government-plan-to-kill-with-covid-19-vaccine-aired-on-tv-in-2009/?fbclid=IwAR2ApC2BSjIwK5Ge8MPK2PSb8_zHcUW2DNxzTJuhrwTNL4JK2pOfgNCcMHg
  3. I was in awe of that aircraft, and had quite a long friendly chat with the PIC when they visited Bankstown. Very, very sad! RIP.
  4. Top guy! wishing you a speedy recovery Stewart, from all your mates on here.
  5. I remember that incident. From memory it was a Lancair which had flown in from Perth. On arrival they had filled tanks with fuel ready for the last leg of the journey the following morning. Assuming tanks were full even if the gauge didn't register so, they sadly crashed shortly after takeoff and the occupants died as a result. There was no fire involved due to lack of fuel. It was thought to have been stolen overnight by thieves for their hotted up cars. Very sad!
  6. I agree, sensible guidelines is probably the key
  7. Another close friend who went into a coma and passed a day after his second jab, hadn't even left the house for over 6 weeks other than to get his jab, he had had no visitors at all in that time, but his death was put down as covid. But of course there are no longer autopsies carried out, so we will never know.
  8. What seems a little strange is that in the past month i have had three friends in Sydney hospitals, and all three were whinging that their wards were empty, and that staff seemed to be at an absolute minimum. Maybe they were all tied up with Covid cases. Who knows?
  9. Can you believe all official government websites or not, or, are we all being taken in by what we are told? One certainly needs to keep an open mind and ask a few questions in a bid to get the facts. One things for sure, it's certainly causing a devide in the nation. https://www.facebook.com/messenger_media/?thread_id=100028513240075&attachment_id=274041071221355&message_id=mid.%24cAABa-Y4lqB6CBDNjGV70u4aqUMyX
  10. planedriver

    Douglas DC-4

    I flew on the Carvair quite a lot from Southend to Ostend (Belgium) when we used to make fairly regular weekend trips to Bruges. Not being pressurised, they normally handed out barley-sugar sweets for passengers to suck on, not that they gained much altitude just flying across the English Channel. Noisy buggers, and everything seemed to shake and rattle your brains out.They would have been better off handing out olives to stick in our ears.
  11. North Bondi RSL clubs gents, used to have humerous but confronting images behind all the mens urinals which came as a big surprise when you entered for the first time. They have since been removed.
  12. It was the same on Concorde, but some just flushed with pride.
  13. Is that another truth spoken in jest I wonder?
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