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  1. Progress, Progress, Progress! Mate you are getting there. Well done!
  2. Self infliction maybe warranted, but a contrary view is sure to be revealed in a future post on this NES autobiography. So it it's better on supposedly friendly forums such as this, to keep it so, and to leave for the self gratifying pleasure of the main author who is known to get somewhat abrasive.while grooming his ego.
  3. Planey also wishes Cappy good luck in his secret mission, while reflecting that he was obviously wrong (yet again) in his assumption of eager NES contributors, and that's no Bull. While it can readily be observed that he is not the only one who misses Tomo who's probably busy doing joy flights with his old Piper Pacer around a mission settlement in PNG without caring a brass razoo about the ski boat which has now been more than frozen in time............
  4. was reluctant to do so, especially so, as he is looking forward to another re-erection to represent his flock. Regardless of the colour of your head, we are all in this together he claimed with his usual sneery smile, and all should be treated equally.........................Kata Jumillo of the Aboriginal Flyers Group from Alice Springs said "nahwadda motor ya got nodda madder. Mie from a Beezer Bantam . Bidda slow on take -off roll, but suits dreamtime livin.............
  5. Sukorblo, (avref), which is reportedly retailed on Gumlytree by an organisation which also manages to build fine aircraft from plans, much to the envy of those that live in a faster moving world where time is of the essence. In the Apple State, they are sometimes grateful for whatever help they can get due to being only 6 or 7 cancelled Jetsta🔯 flights from reality..........
  6. Because it's so volatile, it could help getting engines started that have a tired battery, by giving it a an extra kick in the guts. The thought came that it could be marketed in a spray can like Startyerbastard.
  7. aviation references to blind others. Meanwhile across the country, poor old OT has to wipe down his PC before opening his inbox. Poor fellah received a personal text message from the premier direct to his 30yr old Nokia, stating that this had become necessary to help sterilise posts coming from another state. Techie Turbo suggested that a small quantity ethylene oxide should be added to the water of fire trucks spraying all incoming aircraft at Perth Airport. Little was it known, that he had a financial interest in supplying the stuff and was als
  8. Thanks Turbo, you have added so much to this thread, but it would be nice to see many others get involved as well.
  9. HELP! We desperately need more input into this thread which has been purely dominated for far too long by just a very few, that I like others have have given up on it which is a shame. It used to be a great thread enjoyed by so many, and fun for all, but domination has become over-bearing. So, if any forumites have something to offer to offer which is enjoyable to many, please let's help restore it to something along the lines of what it was many years ago. Yes, I may be a miserable old bastard, but years ago, so many contributed, and it was fun for ALL, not just those who
  10. And what is the true value of the hours that you expect to get out of it, as opposed to using someone else's aircraft?.
  11. "Many a good tune has been played on and old fiddle" comes to mind, providing it's been reasonably well cared for. We all, (instructors included) would normally appreciate flying something far newer. However, if you are prepared to accept that it is not a newie, many an aircraft that have seen many thousands of hours service are still very useable. Just look at those that fly interstate on freight runs every night for example. well over 30yrs service and still going strong. Flying club aircraft that are a hell of a lot older still are commonplace despite all the heavy hand
  12. Sadly missed by many. always great to chat to. The smiling face with the RayBan sunnies. How the years seem to fly by us all. RIP
  13. Mate, it might be taking you longer than you hoped for to get Mable in the air, but it's looking good and i'm sure you'll get there before very long. As far as the house is concerned, I hope you are not using these tradies I pulled alongside recently.
  14. Probably trouble with the landing gear . Thrusters are known for it especially in the RG 177 model due to being overdue for thrupple pulley replacement. Would I kid you?
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