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  1. With all the posts knocking Jabiru's reliability in the past, I feel his comment was just a bit tongue in cheek, not to be taken seriously. Lighten up and accept it for what it is. Hopefully we can all learn something from this sad incident, and prevent similar situations arising.
  2. Thanks for posting that Jerry. I enjoyed the flight, now which way is the bladder relief department?
  3. Please help me to help you in making Recreational Flying (.com) the best resource on the internet for every fellow aviator. I reckon it already is, Ian. Thank you!, but would like to see you get more reward for the pleasure we have received over so many years as a result of all that you have made available to us. You have put so much into this site that we shouldn't simply take it for granted either. (unfortunately the times we currently live in tend to make some of us a bit complacent on occasions). Your hard work is certainly appreciated by me, and i'm sure that many others
  4. That was great OME. Strange they never mentioned their range of model engines of which I had many. I used to fly control-line combat with a Frog 500 glow motor that I modified. It used to scream without a muffler, probably to the annoyance of people far far away.
  5. No i'm getting, have got old and forgetful. l just realised mine was a Frog kit which was made locally to where I used to live.
  6. Thanks for posting that OME, I found it very interesting, as I was a school boy when that was envisaged to be the future way of fast city hopping. Among'st my many other planes, I also put together a 1:72 scale model of it, which from memory was marketed around that time by Airfix, or the Revell kit people.
  7. Looks more like a Transavia design to me, and just as ugly as their old AirTruk which apparently was quite nice to fly.
  8. WOW! That's a work of art Phil. I'd love a dollar for every hour that he spent building that.
  9. Yea, I saw that at Bankstown Construction Site on Sunday. Still has runways left (just) among all the new building work, Horrified at the extent of it all. If you have an aircraft that you hire out, there's always more of a chance events like this can happen.
  10. I remember the Beagle 206's at Shoreham at the time I had my very first lesson in an an Auster, and also the Beagle Pup which I thought was really streamlined for it's time. However Beagle's management needed more people that knew what was really needed, so the large scale of sales envisaged sadly never really materialised long term.
  11. One might have a whinge about the cost of insurance, but in instances like this you'd possibly think it was money well spent.
  12. Whatever facts are presented, there will always be a minority who know better because they've been lucky so far. And of course we hope it may continue.
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