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  1. Obviously the jet could easily outrun the drone in this footage, but I think the drone pilot did an amazing job. https://www.facebook.com/UNILADTech/videos/2885299601741244
  2. Some "Go fund me" pages seem to do pretty well Spacey!
  3. Regardless of the cause, I and many others feel for your loss. At least you are still with us which is the main thing.
  4. Phil. i'm beginning to worry a little about you posting your long exposures on a cold night.
  5. Interesting article re: hydrogen powered aircraft. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20210401-the-worlds-first-commercial-hydrogen-plane. The upside is that for those of us on limited flying budgets, we could possibly see slot meters installed, where you throw in a couple of bob to do a quick circuit or two
  6. Bunderburg Bolts have been available for quite some time, it seems.
  7. Lets hope so Skippy. Badgerys Creek is not supposed to open until about 2026. Hopefully Bankstown will last till then.
  8. Aviation is, or at least should be, a vital necessity within a huge country like Australia and yet so many airports are being removed off the map. Privatisation is an absolute curse, and seems only to be fodder for greedy developers. Sadly this is occurring all around the country and there seems to precious little to stop it. The other day I drove through Bankstown Development Park, which has for decades been a fine local Bankstown Airport in the Sydney basin. The size of the warehouses there have to be seen to be believed. Some are that big that you could almost make the runwa
  9. For those among'st us that like flight simulators, be grateful of the progress that has been made in recent years. After all, you could be trying to learn how to fly on learn on one of these.
  10. The Airtruk was a noisy little bugger, we could always hear them climb out of the Seven Hills yard, back in the days of my married bliss in nearby Baulkham Hils. when I actually owned a house.
  11. Any thread you want to post to should be fine Pete. Many on here would be so glad to hear that you're not pushing the daises out of the ground. Kind Rgds. Alan (planey)
  12. Fantastic! I just love to see how guys on these forums help each other, and try to solve problems. Well done! It's all about watching others backs, and trying to keep us all safe.
  13. Thanks lee-wave, of course you are correct. Just goes to show that great Aussie wine can confuss your fuzzle box late at night. Wing Cdr. Ken Wallis lived up on the east coast in Norfolk I think.
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