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  1. how about "anywhere but canberra"?
  2. Warnervale is the closest RA strip to about half of Sydney. From the CBD I can get there in about the same time or less, than the Oaks.
  3. I've had four navexs up the inland lane cancelled due to weather.
  4. Phil is being looked after by an excellent spinal surgeon in Newcastle who is also a pilot. He is in good hands.
  5. No, I'm not. Is it a requirement that you receive the ground theory training as per the syllabus, or just that you are taught / know enough to pass the exams? is that elevon really an elevon, or more of a flaperon? it effectively changes the aoa of the wing and thus the location of the CP as well as the amount of lift, right? what I don't understand is, on an airplane with a tail, these usually form a couple that needs to be balanced by the tail. what happens with a plank? what provides the balance?
  6. You know what's a bit sad? I don't think I've ever had a theory brief, at three different flying schools. can someone tell me more about the theory of flying wings? is it possible to have a symmetric flying wing that is longitudinally stable? can you do aerobatics in a trike?
  7. flytornado: I moved cities and my new club is a combined GA/RA club. I told the CFI about my plans to convert and we came up with a schedule.
  8. iran lost two planes in 2009, that caspian airlines plane (a tupolev) and an il76 military one. the vid is mislabelled.
  9. the thing is, I have! I'm doing my NAVs at the new school, in the new plane, and not really getting any comments about my circuits... but they're not as perfect as they were. mind you, my training consisted of 250 circuits at the same airfield in the same plane, so you'd think I'd get good at it.
  10. What happened to doing things because you love them? I realise that my current job doesn't pay as much as I could have been earning if I had chosen a different career path -- eg business -- but I love what I do, I am happy at work everyday, and I smile for most of the day. I don't earn enough to buy a house, but I do earn enough to fly whenever I want to. Isn't that what it's all about?
  11. my school is not insisting that I do the GFPT. I don't have my XC yet, though, so I am going to do XC in a variety of planes, and only the later / more advanced NAVs in a 172. also: I did the GA BAK and got a higher score than on the RAA BAK. (GA BAK was using the ATC Industry test. RAA BAK was using the standard Test 1.) now, if only I had some nice weather for NAVs. poteroo: would you allow a XC endorsement from another school to count towards NAVs 1-5?
  12. right after I got my certificate I changed planes and I've been struggling with my circuits. I am at a new airfield, different plane, different prevailing meteorology... I wonder what going back will be like.
  13. redcliffe aero club has an official conversion syllabus: http://www.redcliffeaeroclub.com.au/files/conversion_ra_aus_ppl.pdf
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