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    Steve Bell ex RAAus Ops manager

    thread has been locked. Without substantive evidence all comments are hearsay and thus not admissible as evidence. Dont throw mud without proof people as it can stick to the thrower.
  2. A large number of the posts to this thread have been moved to a new thread that deals with the discussions re training, weather, light, Raa, accident causes etc. This thread is about the tragedy at Cootamundra and we should keep it to that. Any ancilliary discussion re causes etc have been moved to "Accident causes, training and Raa Aus responses" thread.
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    Old Bar Ferris Wheel Incident

    Edited by mod. No further reasons from this mod, generic reasons for edits only will be given.
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    Old Bar Ferris Wheel Incident

    Some of the posts in this thread have been removed. There has been a complaint to Raa-aus, which has been relayed to this site, from someone close to the people involved in this incident about the levity of some comments about the incident. The Pprune forum has taken this incident up and is using it as ammunition to discredit our sport and activities. Please limit any further posts to this thread to factual, educational posts. Thanks Moderator
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    Aircraft crash north of Melbourne

    Turbo, the vital safety info I don't think includes the Duty of Care case law (donohue et al), the other safety info based on this accident is purely speculation until the facts are known. The thread started as a news thread but turned into a condolence thread. Next problem?
  6. Moderator

    Aircraft crash north of Melbourne

    Here are the posts that have been moved from the above mentioned thread. The original thread was paying tribute to a selfless pilot and a worthy organization. These moved posts do not further that topic and are being placed in their own area. Remember, these guys and girls at AF pay for their own aircraft, maintenance, time etc and provide a valuable service. Angels indeed!!.
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    Reno 2011

    Naughty, naughty Maj. Propriety please. Mod....
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    RAAUS - AGM Minutes

    The robust discourse is fine, but personal attacks aren't. A number of posts from a number of members have been moderated. I don't see that we have altered the thrust or importance of the thread information in any way, we are only making it fair for all members to have a say and not be personally attacked for their views. The moderators agree that the topic is very important and this is why we are keeping a close eye on proceedings. There are 5 moderators, most of whom do not know each other so we represent a diverse group of ideas and opinions. Censorship is not applied in this forum as it is an open forum, but moderation is and will be applied consistently to make sure everyone, even the site owner, sticks to the rules. Cheers Mod
  9. Moderator

    RAAUS - AGM Minutes

    Please read before posting. Owing to the topic of discussion in this thread it is being monitored by ALL moderators. You will have noticed that some messages have been either moderated or removed entirely. The reason for doing so has been included for transparency where practical. Please assist us by considering the intent and content of your posts before sending. Thanks - Mods
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    Garman 296 query

    It is a strong policy of this forum that no question is a dumb question and we do not allow this type of attack on those who ask them - even though in this case the question wasn't a dumb one.
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    M5 Traffic Debacle

    Just remember to keep it funny, not derogatory please.
  12. Moderator

    Above 5000ft

    Flying under 500ft discussion moved Here