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  1. Nev - thanks for passing on this very sad news. I had the pleasure of meeting Decca on a few occassions and on one of them took him flying in the CT4 at Ballarat - was great to be able to share the passion with him. http://www.recreationalflying.com/forum/trip-flyin-reports/9579-destination-ballarat.html You'll be missed.
  2. Awesome shots as always Scott. I was hoping you'd have a shot of Matt and Simone's beautiful "new" CT4...Matt sent me a few of their "handover" at Tamworth and of the flight up to Toowoomba with Lars & Andy in the Wirraway.
  3. Hi guys, just found this thread...been away for a little bit. There is a camping area with some facilities (toilets/showers) being provided by the Griffith Aero Club for those wanting to camp. It's not airside (for many reasons, one being security I imagine) but it is on the airfield grounds near the aero club building (next to the terminal car park). If you'd like details, please contact the aero club as they're organising that aspect.
  4. Why not call Mick or Lee and ask them directly - they're numbers and email addresses are in the magazine.
  5. If you're interested in video - there are a couple of very light/capable cameras which can mount on just about anything. This site has details on the better ones available: Self Contained Helmet Cameras | Launch Helmet Cams If you want to use a standard video camera, there are some neat "G clamp" style mounts available for under 20 bucks...I'll find a link and post it for these ones.
  6. Thanks Phil, knew that was coming and hopefully it puts some common sense and pilot decision making back in place i.e. minimum calls mandatory then make calls as required by the situation.
  7. CTAF procedures are detailed in AIP ENR - link: http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/publications/current/aip/enr/1_1_1-116.pdf Section 21.1.13 specifically refers, the table titled "Summary of broadcasts - all aircraft at non-towered aerodromes" By the book your mate did the right thing (assuming he gave a clear of the runway call). That said, in my humble opinion, common sense needs to be applied to not over-communicate and flood the airways - imagine what Temora would have been like on the weekend had everyone attempted to make all the calls by the book.
  8. There are a couple of electronic Constant Speed props available for the Rotax - Airmaster and Woodcomp have them.
  9. There's too many variables to give a complete answer...but will clarify - you probably mean "variable pitch" and not "variable speed"...as they're all variable speed. Basically the three types are: * Fixed pitch * In-flight Adjustable (manual - either electric or hydraulic) * Constant Speed Fixed Pitch is a compromise approach, depending on pitch setting, it will either give very good takeoff performance OR very good cruise performance, not both. A common setup would provide the best compromise between takeoff and cruise. In-flight Adjustable provides a variety of pitch angel
  10. ...and some more from Melton... Clin Ashton-Martin's Avro Cadet. Bathurst syndicated L39 Albatross The opposite view of the Winjeel to Phil's shot
  11. A friend of ours, Warren Canning, is currently building one on his farm at Kyneton. Warren is the son of Clive Canning - author of Charlie Mike Charlie which recounts Clive's story of building the first Thorp T-18 in Australia and flying it around Australia and then to England and back - a great read! I can put you in touch with him if you'd like.
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