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  1. Mate, is there a list of places you can get mogas easily, I have recently moved back to an RAA acft and am keen to plan a decent trip. Don't want to use avgas if I can help it. Got a ibis with only 50 hours on the rotax Bob
  2. I thought it was a great movie, I also thought the NTSB came across accurately. However if I ever saw Tom Hanks getting on a ship, spaceship or aircraft I was about to board, I would change my method of travel.
  3. Connected,,, sorry bloody autocorrect , I am trying to contact them, the mobile says its not connected
  4. Are you still one ted with aeropup John?
  5. Thanks Bob, I have emailed the prez of the Brisbane Valley Sports aviation club. Let's see what happens. Bob
  6. I recently sold my C182 and looking at moving back to RAA, looking at something in the Nanango area as we are moving there soon to retire. Any information on aircraft shares would be appreciated. Thanks Bob
  7. My 182 cost less than $20k,and that included new seatbelt and door handles that on their own were about $1500, we did not expect any issues and did not find any, but mine was a low time private acft.
  8. My 182 cost less than $20k,and that included new seatbelt and door handles that on their own were about $1500, we did not expect any issues and did not find any, but mine was a low time private acft.
  9. David, Mate no known problems, the initial discussion was with the workshop manager which lasted only 5 minutes, so there are more discussions to be had face to face with the owner of the shop. as stated at the outset the cost could be up to $60K, experience with aviation has taught me if there are two figures quoted, to expect the higher and you could be pleasantly surprised. the things I know for sure are: engine out complete interior removal leading edges and movable control surfaces removed wheels split and cleaned I intend to help with the repairs, which hopefully will result in a lowering of the cost to me, and gaining more knowledge of my aircraft. I suspect there will be a number of things that we will do when the aircraft is stripped down. EG the small rubber fuel hose the connects the fuel line from the wing to the line to the fuel selector. I also guess some of the interior plastic may not survive the removal process as it is a 37 year old aircraft. Hopefully the cost will be a long way short of the 60k but I am not all that confident. What's your experience with the new regs? Bob
  10. I agree Dazza, the other manufacturers will follow the leader, or the lawyers will follow them. In any event it is peace of mind, even though its a high price to pay for it. Thanks for your advice.
  11. G'day Guys, Just had the preliminary talk with my LAME about the SIDS requirements and the news is not good. I have a P model 182 which has been well maintained, I am the third owner and its been hangared for most of its life. Its done around 100 hours a year over its 36 years of life almost all of this as private flying. I think the maintenance organisations are still coming to grips with the implications of the SIDS, and as they grow in experience the cost will go down, however I have been told to expect a bill of up to $60,000. Clearly my pride and joy that I thought was worth at least $100,000 is now not worth that unless I get all the work done. I don't' blame any of the LAME's that have worked on the aircraft, as the inspections that were carried out just didn't look this deep into the frame as they are now required to. I don't expect any or many surprises, but I think I will have to raid the piggybank and keep working for a few more years than I had intended. My question to the assembled experts is, will she be worth enough after she is SIDS compliant to justify the expenditure?
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