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  1. Hope u bounce back quick mate and maybe take it as a sign to chill out for a while as life can be quite hectic on ones soul and can go by quick. Smell the roses or something ☺️
  2. Guy s

    My Savannah S model rebuild Blog

    Thanks Mark and I've looked at the Edge performance site and youtube videos and looks good quality gear but hadn't heard of Ronnie smith but sounds good, will look forward to seeing the motor progress build 🙂
  3. Guy s

    My Savannah S model rebuild Blog

    Hi Mark, are you getting the big bore edgeperformance kit for the Rotax or something different and what sort of Hp gain you looking at ?
  4. Guy s

    Looking for trip ideas - QLD

    A mate highly recommended to me flying down to a place called Old bar just east of Taree.I haven't yet but hoping to do so in the near future. The Strip is a stone throw from the beach with the Caravan park at the end of the strip and a easy walk into town.
  5. Guy s

    Tell you about an upcoming flight

    Looks like a awesome trip and you gotta love those headwinds (not) thanks for sharing your outback adventure and your insight to it all.
  6. Guy s

    520 kg vs 560 kg

    Guessing cabin heating 80kts
  7. Guy s

    Another NZ Savannah S

    Beautiful looking Savannah S and congratulations on a great achievement Perry and I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun flying the Savannah. I'll look forward to seeing some more photos please
  8. Guy s

    My daughter's surgery

    Not easy being a parent at times and i can't imagine what your going through Ian. Your daughter is lucky she has such a wonderful and dedicated father and i hope it all goes well One day she'll look back at this moment and think it was all worth while as she gets on with making the most of her life, she sounds like a real inspiration.
  9. Guy s

    building my Savannah-S in germany

    Woohoo getting close now Tom and looks great and look forward to seeing it hit the skies and seeing you enjoying the fruition of your passion.
  10. What's happen to good old fashion walking and it's good to stretch the legs after a few hours in the seat me thinks.
  11. Guy s

    building my Savannah-S in germany

    I had a bit of trouble with my ICP master cylinders holding pressure when braking and honing and new Orings didn't fix the problem. I ended up installing Matco master cylinders and the quality in astounding compared to the ICP cylinders and haven't had a ounce of trouble since.
  12. Guy s

    Clifton fly-in coming up

    I was one of those coastal guys fueled up ready hit the skies this morning and hoping the weather was going to clear but wishful thinking and by 9.30 decided to can it. Buggar.
  13. Guy s

    Clifton fly-in coming up

    I'm hoping to fly up for the day but the weather not looking good east of the Ranges.
  14. Guy s

    Savannah Head Room Increase

    I think the Sav with the adjustable seat has less head room than the fix seats. I'm 6'2"and have about an inch to spare and not looking forward to the headache of flying in bumpy conditions.
  15. Guy s


    Hi Rodger and there's plenty of info on here so don't be afraid to ask and keep us posted on the progress of your Sav.