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  1. Have you looked at the ones on Clearprop https://tinyurl.com/ah8vkz4c ?
  2. At 550kg empty, obviously not RAA class🤔
  3. Can I ask the 'dumb question'.. Why haven't AvMed been pulled into the real world by the Mainstream medical fraternity?
  4. From the website linked "This kit comes with everything a pilot needs to get up and running; radio, boom mic, speaker, cabling."
  5. Radial Motion – manufacturing light, powerful radial engines in South Australia
  6. A Quadruplane ... obviously from the age when (wings) more is better.. Looks live two biplanes siamesed together with 4 wings and 2 elevators A long distant from the plane they would develop.. Supermarine P.B.31E Nighthawk
  7. plane mounted ELBs 'burn' really well...😁 and then stop working....... where as that one in your pocket comes with you as you exit the scene...to your eventual rescue location
  8. The Moynet M.360/6 Jupiter made its new maiden flight on July 26 2018 in France after a lengthy restoration done by Espace Air Passion/GPPA (Groupement de Préservation du Patrimoine Aéronautique). Unique Moynet M.360 Jupiter flies again in France – World Warbird News
  9. Did you click the specifications tab? D1 specifications - Verhees Delta , specifications Verhees Delta 1 (verheesengineering.com)
  10. Written on the tail www.verheesengineering.com
  11. I have the same one... and on that relatively short battery life.. ok.. it is longer than a flight, but it sure uses a LOT of batteries I am looking at fitting a power socket and running it on the 5v USB power., Intend to use a switched plug so to disconnect the batteries when on power
  12. Top Gun: Maverick (2021) Post-production Expected July 1, 2021 Top Gun: Maverick (2021) - IMDb
  13. Aerotechnik WG.22 mockup from 1975 a two seat development after successful testing of the single-seat WGM 21 prototypes from 1968, an effort to make easy to fly helicopters. Essentially a Quad Copter with 4 two blade rotors ..pre electric and way before the name and 'toy' drones became popular On display at the Hubschraubermuseum Bückeburg (Bückeburg Helicopter Museum) Germany
  14. The WG33 project was an attempt to capitalise on the basic concept to provide a two-seat light observation helicopter for military and civil use, without the need for a skilled pilot. This followed a survey which suggested that larger, conventional helicopters often flew with only two persons on board, and there was a demand for a much simpler aircraft that could be produced in quantity at low cost. By using a coaxial contra-rotating rotor, fly-by-wire controls, and an automatic flight control system, with the structure built around a central spine and a very light woven-fibre outer shell, t
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