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  1. Hi Robin, Which forum section is it under on Sonerai.net... Their search is suss and cant find it... Cheers
  2. Have you run the improvements past Monnet, now they have the Sonerai back under the family company, when Fred made the decision to retire. They may be able to provide the path for an updated Soni.. Cheers
  3. This is the Bilsam Aviation Sky Cruiser. I find it a little different to all those so similar in that it had a Suzuki up front, not spam-can Rotax Yup Wikipedia..
  4. Hi Robin, Is your wing fold adaptable to a 'standard' SII? Would 'love' to make mine fold-able, as at this point I will probably get it back up before Terrier. Just need to get back the tail wheel endorsement the RAA 'lost' Cheers Lyle
  5. PZL M-17 Polish twin-boom pusher general aviation and trainer aircraft of 1977, which remained a prototype. The aircraft was an amateur design of a team of students of Warsaw University of Technology
  6. Or to use its correct title Stipa-Caproni in essence, the whole fuselage was a single ducted fan, its design influenced the development of jet propulsion
  7. 2001 Meyers MAC-145B Miss Micco Somewhere between 19to21 MAC-145s were built, each to a specific customer order, probably why other photo show a slightly different tail shape
  8. This topic gives me impetus to get out and research different aircraft.. and along the way find other variants and types. I Thank you
  9. SIAI-Marchetti SV-20 Project By the end of 1972, about 200,000 manhours had been spent on the SV-20 design, including wind tunnel testing at the Universities of Turin, Milan, and Pisa, but a prototype was not completed
  10. Wouldn't want to get distracted
  11. https://www.skyshop.com.au/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=246&cat=fuel+instruments
  12. https://newatlas.com/aircraft/oxis-lithium-sulfur-battery-electric-aircraft/?itm_source=newatlas&itm_medium=related-stories
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