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  1. My Terrier is 'easy to fly'.. controls are light with plenty of authority and very few vices..Boring is my description.. but the 'nice' part I would say comes from the creature comforts.. seats, relaxed instrument/control layout, easy ingress etc along with better turbulence handling ( Terrier's is no worse than standard Cessna performance). Where Terrier is not 'nice' is in the seats ( to be upgraded) and as I get older ad stiffer the 'Ultralight Roll' entry is an increasing challenge..
  2. And a has a bit of flying in a Jabiru ( so maybe there won't be as much bias) This is the email I received..
  3. My Sonerai lands in the attitude of tail down. Approach is lift the nose to approach angle and feel it onto the deck.. While flying in Airshows in the Outback in 2001 the fourth stop was Charters Towers... Had never been there before this.. Discovered the strip was an uphill ..at roughly the same angle as my normal approach..... Half way down the strip here I was floating along in ground effect... something Sonerai suffers from but usually only if approach speed it too high... Was a case of lift the nose a bit force to force the tail to hook (with the muttering under my breath..get down y
  4. I wouldn't have classed 24 hours ( nearly a full Rotax oil change period on Avgas) being "stright after maintenance'?
  5. Hi Skippy, The Shrek Princess.. watch the movies.. My Princess Fiona... hasn't been christened yet .. I am 4th owner... Built in SA as a GA.. Only did 35 hours with VH-WLF ( remember what I said about them being 'sensitive') on it before it was sold to a Vic as 23-0826. .. then on to a Tas.. My first plane , so the learning cycle was high, and I hadn't realized the cooling baffles that had been install were for Canada, not Outback Western Qld.. so I literally cooked the motor.. Most of the 150 hours was over Winter so the lower ambient helped.. When it expired, pul
  6. Not a Jetpack.. but.... The article https://tinyurl.com/y5s72sb7
  7. The Sonerai is a wonderful plane to experience... I did 150 hours in 6 months... but not to put a damper on ambition.... Just be aware, that this slippery little plane is a VERY sensitive plane to fly and its landing and ground handling has Major variants to most all of the tail draggers you may have flown I intend to have the name 'Fiona' on the cowl of mine when she is back... Fiona from Shrek.. Treated right she is a Princess.. get rough and ham fisted and she becomes an Ogre and bites hard
  8. So you've been to the smaller strips in western Qld🤠🥵 and miles from Civilization a bike was always the plan ..Roll on 700+ kg🤣😂to have enough spare payload capacity but dream of 'one vehicle' is still alive
  9. And a million or so spare... for this one in 'commercial' release with a 300hp motor " to go on sale in 6 months"........ I would bet... The "dream" of the 'flying car' (roadable aircraft is just not that media catchy is it) is of course .. to drive to takeoff area.. fly to destination landing area .. drive to destination.. something unachievable with a 'normal' aircraft unless you have transport available at each and every possible destination. The Pal-V is the closest we have available at present at around $600K US and is essentially 'just' a flash side by side gyrocopter
  10. Do 'SuperCars' have to meet those 'menial' ADR requirements ?
  11. Hi Ray, Have read (saw) about yours on the forum. Have never seen an S1 in the "flesh" There wouldn't be too many in Aus would there? When the world gets back to normal, I need to do a trip I planned earlier in the year, interrupted by bushfires, and then [email protected]#$%^19, down thru NSW to Vic and SA There is a S2 in Vic with a 3.3 I have pics of as well. Thanks for the input on the other planes, sorta confirms what I expect. Lyle
  12. Skippy, Unlike you, I guess, I actually do know Robin, having met him at his home when I picked up a set of Rotax cowls while he was building SGS, and have corresponded before and since. SGS/SRS are Sonerai development aircraft, built from scratch by an exceptional engineer. They show what can be achieved, but can not be considered 'normal to plan.' Us muggles .. get inspiration from his achievement .
  13. The Heading is After input on Sonerai 2 with Jab Motor... I already know about Sonerai.. I have owned it for 20 years A straight forward AIR COOLED $15k motor ...as opposed to a $35K+ Water cooled Dry sump plumbers nightmare.... If looked after CORRECTLY .. where how do you factor in all the extra LAME maintenance, as your engine being 'cheaper' and Have you seen under the cowls of SGS..?? Sonerai is designed for an AIR cooled VW... Rotax is NOT and was not mentioned in the discussion... I don't need complexity .. or CS/IFA or any thing like that you wish o
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