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  1. Ditto, and a my partner is a a chronic hypochondriac.. Western Qld is over 80% first dose and over 50% fully vaccinated
  2. There is a much greater risk of blood clots from more common medicines like Aspro or oral contraceptive , but that of course does not maker Media Headlines so will remain unreported...
  3. Have had occasions with customers, where Aldi's package does not have complete Telstra access..
  4. Start with this.. Google Search https://tinyurl.com/zu356u58 Six hits and assorted links Cheers
  5. No Rego ..Kit... with optional Jet engine... Try This.. https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/803944730514638/
  6. Bede5 for sale Canberra (1) Facebook
  7. i think this is what you are after 120hpTurboprop engine - Page 6 - Engines and Props - Recreational Flying
  8. 1983 Transavia pl12/t300 on Aircraft for sale https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/5460201630688242/
  9. Just a curiosity question .. how is this one's different or similar to the combined control of the Ercoupe? Thanks
  10. Have you looked at the ones on Clearprop https://tinyurl.com/ah8vkz4c ?
  11. At 550kg empty, obviously not RAA class🤔
  12. Can I ask the 'dumb question'.. Why haven't AvMed been pulled into the real world by the Mainstream medical fraternity?
  13. From the website linked "This kit comes with everything a pilot needs to get up and running; radio, boom mic, speaker, cabling."
  14. Radial Motion – manufacturing light, powerful radial engines in South Australia
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