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  1. Two things that come to mind. 1. Imagine if we could be at the forefront of technology to help the world, we have a lot of smart people who end up taken up by overseas institutions. Imagine if we supported them here. 2. I recently thought of drugs. Why bother trying to catch people importing or making drugs. It's the same argument. They never seems to make a difference when they catch someone and there is always someone else to fill up the gap in production but they spend millions trying to catch them anyway. So if we could use the same drive for climate change we might make a difference for everyone.
  2. If you have x-plane you can try https://www.vskylabs.com Of course as mentioned in a previous post, it's more for routine than real world flying.
  3. Or it could be the case of a way to increase the value of their land by getting rid of the airport.
  4. On my Jab I used the sail repair tape on the elevator. Lasting ages.
  5. Where did you relocate to? I occasionally pick up my brother from Canberra and was using Goulburn but that doesn't look like the go anymore.
  6. mkennard


  7. Last time I caught a Taxi to Beenleigh and train from there.
  8. All I can say is thank-you for your persistance.
  9. I've never heard of "Wing Up" before. Unnecessary isn't it?
  10. I wonder if this could have any affect on Bankstown though I doubt it. ATSB launches Investigation into Essendon DFO Approval - Australian Flying
  11. I still have my Cox and remember those days. Tt even has the fuel tank attached.
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