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  1. I've never heard of "Wing Up" before. Unnecessary isn't it?
  2. I wonder why they won't deliver the VFR guide by pdf.
  3. I wonder if this could have any affect on Bankstown though I doubt it. ATSB launches Investigation into Essendon DFO Approval - Australian Flying
  4. I still have my Cox and remember those days. Tt even has the fuel tank attached.
  5. Smooth flying. Very nice. Obviously no issues with an engine failure.
  6. Try this. Assuming it's an iPad https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/173894/can-i-connect-to-wifi-but-still-use-cellular
  7. Been thinking about this for a while but just bought mine. Thanks Ian/clear prop.
  8. Ok, I didn't give up. Found it on archive.org ADS-Pi: Low-Cost ADS-B IN for OzRunways
  9. I think I prefered the instructions that were on OzRunways. I'm testing this again