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  1. Hongie

    Buying/selling a 19 registered aircraft

    yep. I've not trained in a 19-, but my instructor was willing provided it "wasn't a shitbox", and I have trained in a VH experimental that I own.
  2. Hongie

    Buying/selling a 19 registered aircraft

    I thought you could train in a 19- so long as you did own it?
  3. Hongie

    Blackshape Prime on Sunrise

    what a bunch of whingers we are in Australia. Tall poppy syndrome is in full effect. Heaven forbid someone works within the rules and guidelines and tries to make some money. Instead of talking about how this aircraft is all too expensive and a load of <mod censored> (someone said it earlier in the thread, not verbatim, that was the gist though) we should be celebrating the fact that we are able to have access to such aircraft under the RaAus umbrella. FFS. I go on a couple of other non-australian aviation forums, and yes, there are arguments and disagreements, but they are the exception, not the rule. Its trip reports, discussions on the merits of this brand of engine vs that, construction logs. All us aussie's ever seem to do is want things to "go back to the way they were", whilst we look down from 5000ft, with our ipad on our lap, with an engine that doesnt require a rebuild every 300 hours, whilst still fighting against any progress that we are not going to directly use. Proposal. If you are against the advancements, dont use any. If you still want to live in 70's or 80's, off ya go. not above 300ft (or whatever it was), no GPS!! no ipad. No spot trackers. No electronic trickery-buggery. My point is, there are some amongst us who are happy to take the little bits i've mentioned above (ipads and the like) and embrace them for their actual and/or perceived safety benefits, but anyone who takes such technology to the next (and the next, ad nauseum) step, draws their ire and resentment. I'm sure it will be the same till the end of time. "It wasnt like this in my day" well, of course it bloody wasn't! Technology changes, things advance! rant over. I'm going flying, with my ipad and my Dynon Mate, good luck with the franchise/dealership
  4. Hongie

    Remove oil from brakes

    personally, I would toss the pads, and clean the discs and calipers with some aerosol brake cleaner. You could try cracking the bleeder, and pushing the cylinders in a little to get an air gap and then spray the brake cleaner in, and see how it works out. Depends how much a set of pads is worth I spose.
  5. Hongie

    Who’s going to Oshkosh 2018?

    We drove and it was no drama... There is heaps of parking, sometimes a bit of a walk, but no difference to walking the runway once, which one probably does 4 times a day. Traffic on the road is also fine, police direct eaa traffic right through a lot of red lights etc
  6. Hongie

    Who’s going to Oshkosh 2018?

    Yep, I went in '15, and fully intend to go again probably next year, along with sun n fun. We stayed for the whole week, there is simply too much to take in. After a few days of watching the constant air show, one becomes immune, and then you can start going to seminars and tutorials on whatever subject your heart desires. Make sure that you go to the seaplane base, its a nice spot just to relax and have a feed if nothing else. The ultralight field at the southern end is definitly worth a look, usually the back country guys like kevin quinn steve henry and trent palmer put on a show. There are (or where when i was there) phone charger points in the EAA tent near the tower from memory. There is a large factory outlet mall accross highway 41 that runs a free shuttle to airventure, if you fancy a spot of shopping. Dont forget the EAA museum as well, which is on the grounds, but accessed from off highway 41 on poberezny rd. some awesome history in there. Take comfortable, well worn in shoes, or you WILL know about it. We stayed in a little cottage on the shore of lake Poygan Here. It was a half an hour or so drive in to the eaa grounds, which was not ideal, but it was quite nice. I would probably consider camping or something next time.
  7. Hongie

    Tell us about your last flight

    *in the voice of little red ridding hood* and who's been parking outside *MY* hangar!?!!!? awesome pics mike, looks like a good flight. I was looking skyward all day wishing I could fly
  8. Hongie

    Online Ground School

    Mate have a look at Civil Aviation Safety Authority | Visual Flight Rules Guide It used to be available as a PDF which was better
  9. Hongie

    Hey all

    What do you do for work mate? I’d love to be able to incorporate aviation into my job
  10. Come north my friend... PM me if you want a number :) provided you can fly a 172 to standard and speak english, pretty sure you'll walk away with a rpl/ppl
  11. Hongie

    Canadian Pilot vacationing to Australia

    what are you planning on renting, and where are you planning on going roughly mate?
  12. Hongie

    Canadian Pilot vacationing to Australia

    Sounds like a good trip you have planned, If you are around the mackay area, I'll show you around if you are keen
  13. Hongie

    Canadian Pilot vacationing to Australia

    To be issued with (and to exercise the privileges of, if we take the way it is written literally) a CASA license (RPL, PPL, CPL) you must already hold, or apply for an ASIC/AVID at the time of application. Until you hold a valid ASIC or AVID, CASA will not issue one. Not just if you want to fly into security controlled aerodromes. I recently went through this. Aviation ID Australia would not issue an ASIC as I did not have an operational need (a license) and CASA wouldn't issue a license as I didn't have an ASIC. They professed to have never come up against a similar situation.
  14. Rogerramjet, I know you are in the ACT, but if you are ever up in QLD, go see Neil Hoffensetz at Ayr Flying Services. He has a good reputation up here with some very highly qualified (atpl types), and there is no pretentions to him, no <mod censored>, if you are good to go, you are good to go type of attitude. Doesnt milk you for all you are worth, and actively speaks about not doing so.