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  1. anyone know what time it is on actually? 2 different times quoted on this post
  2. I use either a mobile (gs10) 3040x1440 or at my pc 2560x1440. What percentage of user is using 1024x768?
  3. Hongie


  4. I know this is a thread revival but... Yes, "Affirm" is a transient verb or some such... but we take it to mean "Yes" Along the same vein, "Quebec" is a place, and "Romeo" is a Proper Noun, as well as an erstwhile character in a Shakespearean play, but we all know the "code", so I'm not sure where the confusion and the ensueing arguments are arising from.
  5. Ah i see.... cotton wool / bubble wrap and all that :) Cheers mate, awesome trip and awesome write up
  6. whats the story with those airstrips that are in the middle of the highway mate? what did you find out about them?
  7. imgur is free. but yeah anyway, just giving you some feedback
  8. a jpeg will lose detail each time it is saved inside a editor that is compressing it ie photoshop. If you are simply copying and pasting the file to another place, it will not degrade the quality. Each file has a CRC or a checksum. a digital DNA if you will, and any change to a single pixel of that file would result in a change of that checksum hash, and rather than lose quality, you would be simply unable to open it (by ordinary means) I would have to check to be sure, but I think that opening a jpeg in simple editor, such as MS paint for instance, would not result in such as loss. From memory, MS paint does not do any JPEG compression. A simple way around such limitations as we are talking about (dimensions, file size etc) that are enforced by most forums, is to use other hosting (such as IMGUR, Imgur ) and link to them on the forum by wrapping
  9. I agree... but. If you are hiring a machine out, I doubt you can run any sort of maintenance, except that which the OEM and the regulator sets
  10. why not leave full size? maybe up the jpeg compression if you are worried about bandwidth
  11. I dont know if it is still the case, but the maintenance manual I had for my Rotax said that hours are counted according to when the engine was running. Not air switch. So, if they have to maintain according to hours, it stands to reason that they would charge according to hours,
  12. Oh.. Crap. Sorry mate, haha I was genuinely confused... Now I see the innuendo... Hey, I'm on night-shift! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it
  13. The Dog Stars. - Once you get past the somewhat odd prose, its a great read. Not about aviation per se, but featured heavily in it. I wont give away the story line. Forever Flying - RA Bob Hoover. No explanation needed Stick and Rudder - Wolfgang Langewiesche The Bush and mountain flying handbook - CC pocock Mountain Flying - Sparky Imeson Winging it - Jack Jefford
  14. yep. I've not trained in a 19-, but my instructor was willing provided it "wasn't a shitbox", and I have trained in a VH experimental that I own.
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