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  1. I don't accept your assertion that the vaccinated are less safe than the unvaccinated. Certainly sites that I would regard as being reliable do not support this assertion. It can be difficult to sift through and interpret statistics. Perhaps you could post links from the CDC or similar source. I will just make an assertion fhat is reasonably easy to fact check. My assertion is this. In the United states there seems to be a strong correlation between the vaccination rate of each US state. and the infection rate. This link from the Mayo Clinic has a map. If you hover o
  2. uummm I don't believe I have ever mentioned playgrounds and if I have motioned masks it has only been as an example of some measures that can help reduce the transmission rate. Feel free to search my posts and provide an example. I suspect you are conflating my posts with other peoples posts
  3. jack you might have noticed or not that at no point have I made any comment on flying during the lockdown. I am less concerned with the letter of the law than the actual practical risks.
  4. Yep the error was mine, I left a zero off. I do place a high value on accuracy and I am happy to admit my error. Still though over half a million deaths is tragic is it not?
  5. Ummmm no I am not concerned about Smallpox because it was eradicated by vaccinations, what is your point? We can go back and forth on this indefinitely but the fact is that it is covid dealt with with as best as we can. The game plan is to keep the deaths and illness to a level that can be dealt with until we reach a vaccination level that will allow for a gradually reopening . It will still be with us but with vaccination, hygiene, selective lockdowns when necessary we can keep it at reasanble levels. You list deadly diseases from the past to compare with ou
  6. Marty I left a 0 off the Brazil population but it still equates to a death rate of around 50000 if applied to Australia's population The question for the let it rip mob is that left unchecked covid would be a huge killer.
  7. Well luckily we have medical researchers who don't just wonder but look for evidence. now I always hate to give wrong facts but I left a zero off the Brazil population bit still applied to Australia would be horrendous
  8. Flightright what part of that post amuses you? Is it over half a million deaths? Here is something to amuse you, my sisters father in law died recently of covid, that should give you a laugh.
  9. But these are not contagious they don't spread exponentially through the population. What you appear to favor is letting it rip like Brazil did. A population of less than Australia (20 million). Death toll is 586590 https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/brazil/ Is that what you would be happy with here?
  10. A small percentage of a large number is still a large number of individuals. If we take a 10% hospitalization rate (it is much higher for some age groups) then with 10% of lets say 4000 cases we get 400 patients. Remove all covid measures and just let it rip we could have 40000 and 4000 patients.
  11. There is are also issues around staff having to isolate due to being exposed Hundreds of staff isolating after Royal Melbourne Hospital Covid-19 outbreak
  12. Anyway its been fun but the debate starting to go around in circles. These are the things I accept until more evidence comes along, Whilst corvid doesn't kill a large percentage of people who get it, its high contagion rate means that left uncontrolled it could produce a high number of deaths. Of those who done die some people will become quite ill and some will have lasting effects. We can somewhat keep a lid on it with lockdowns however we cant do this forever. We can reduce the rate of spread with hygiene and mask measures. The vaccine is relativ
  13. No and in fact many patients were transferred to other hospitals. This is hardly ideal. Your link refers to 2018 when Westmead ICU was stripped of its accreditation to train junior doctors. In August 3 Sydney hospitals were at capacity and patients diverted to hospitals outside the metro area. These are ambulances that are out of circulation whilst dealing with these situations. Three Western Sydney hospitals, at capacity, turn away COVID patients overnight
  14. There are problems at Wetmead COVID patients queue for hours in ambulances at Westmead Hospital https://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/high-covid-caseloads-posing-problems-for-nsw-government-as-health-system-strained/video/fdcfa416fe5ff7e7aeaf5eefa3ce8ffahttps://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/aug/26/nsw-hospitals-warning-nurses-and-staff-flat-out-and-exhausted-as-covid-numbers-soar Letting it run rampant is not an option. Looking overseas we can see health systems struggling. download.mp4
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