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  1. Since the beginning of the vaccine rollout to 18 July 2021, over 10.1 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been given. The TGA has received and reviewed 399 reports of deaths in people who have recently been vaccinated and found six that were linked to immunisation. Deaths of people recently vaccinated people does not mean they died from it. Many of the early vaccinations have been amongst the elderly and vulnerable. If you vaccinate 11 million people some if those people are going to die from unrelated causes. With a worldwide 3.6 billion vaccinations it would be difficul
  2. Experience has shown that it is very difficult to maintain an airtight lockdown. How do we prevent for example removalists traveling and spreading the virus. It is generally harder to prevent an action taking place than it is to prosecute after it has occured As necessary as tough lockdowns are can we really continue shutting down even small areas regularly. Are we going to compensate those people who cant work for a week or 2. Are we going to be able maintain our economy when the counties we compete with do not have to have shutdowns?
  3. Specifically where on the TGA site can I find this number? There have been 918 covid deaths in Australia. There are tools we can use to prevent this happening again. We have strict and costly lockdowns or vaccines. If you don't want to get the vaccine then that is fine with me although I cant understand why you would want to dissuade others from getting vaccinated. My covid vaccine will help protect those who either cant get the vaccine or who wont get the vaccine. Perhaps Skippydiesel you could give us your prescription for how we should proceed. Should w
  4. In Australia over 11 million have been vaccinated. Worldwide 3.86 billion vaccines have been administered. A death rate of one percent would equate to 110000 deaths in Australia alone, a little tricky to conceal I would have thought. I have to ask what is the source for this figure?
  5. When you consider that to date 6.1 million doses have been given in Australia it certainly compares favourably with many other activities we undertake.
  6. actually 5 "Since the beginning of the vaccine rollout in Australia, a total of five deaths from TTS have been reported out of 6.1 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine. All of them were related to a first dose of the vaccine". https://www.tga.gov.au/periodic/covid-19-vaccine-weekly-safety-report-22-07-2021
  7. I Another novelty contraption 😉
  8. I am not sure exactly what your question is but I have just today been trawling through the details of my system. My system was installed in Feb 2020. My 2019 bill (before solar) for the full year was $1650, my full year bill (after solar) 2020 was $919 . To use one example I can see through my metering that on Jan 23 I used 5.7kWh (this is what I took from the grid) this cost me $2.61 (this includes the daily network fee) on that day I sold 24 kWh back to the grid which gave me a credit for $2.52 I have saved money im 2 ways. During the day I have been running my aircon without draw
  9. How so? I am eager to learn. The one thing that can't be denied is that there has enthusiastic uptake by mining companies, are we in agreement on that point or not? So I think that where we differ is that you believe the mining companies are making poor decisions and adopting technology that is economically and poor being a little dishonest about it the economics of it, Is that your position? Many links I have posted are by mining industry sites not some green site or solar/battery company Renewables are a no brainer for the Australian mining sector
  10. So this is an untruth?????? I would imagine that this information would be available to shareholders and certainly it would be a serious matter if the Chief Executive is actively making misleading statements. Rio Tinto is only one many mining companies investing in this technology. It is not just one company but many both in Australia and overseas. Mapping renewable energy projects at Australian mines It may well be that since you worked in the industry technology has advanced. When I installed my first rooftop solar back in 1990 a 60w panel cost $595. T
  11. Alinta sees sub 5-year payback for unsubsidised big battery at Newman
  12. Geoff I am aware of the effect of temperature on the output. In 1990 we built a house on a large bush block. I designed and installed my own solar power system. Installing solar was the only economical answer. The nearest power lines were a couple a KM away. The cost to extend the power lines was from memory $25000. We lived with this system for 21 years and when we left the panels were going strong. Ex neighbours tell me that those same panels are still in use although the new owner has extended the system. The performance of my present system is enhanced because it us an AC sys
  13. At this very moment my output is around 172 W per panel so the total is about 2.4 KW (I can provide a screenshot for that if you like). I am expecting a total of about around about 12KWh and we will use around about 9 or 10 KWh the other 2 or 3 will go back to the grid. In summer it would be 30ish Kwh in a day of which we would use 10 or 12 KWh. I would love to see hard evidence for that. In the absence of hard evidence let's just say that is true (although I don't think so) and they are just doing it for PR reasons or greenwashing. How long could they continue to pay
  14. Speaking of a sanity check on figures I am perplexed by these figures. To be clear I do understand that you meant 150W rather than 150KW but just to clarify are you saying that your 300w panel 150W or 150Wh?
  15. I am just heading out (on my Ebike) so I will post a worst day graph but I can say that the modelling predicts 8MWh
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