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  1. Glider meters away from crashing! Mentour reacts
  2. Fascinating video (imho) on MFS 2020 and how they achieve it. How Microsoft Flight Simulator Recreated Our Entire Planet
  3. So do those pills really work? Just asking for my grandad
  4. If you want a succinct list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_lawsuits_involving_Donald_Trump Now I know you are going to say Wikipedia is in accurate but you can actually follow up the references for more authoritative sources. I have no idea how sound these law suits are and in fact this list includes cases where he is the plaintiff. But you are missing my point. I have no idea whether he is squeaky clean or not, those law suits will play out in the fullness of time, You put the proposition that My main point was the allegations against Hill
  5. One could mount the same argument regarding allegations against others for example Clinton and Biden's son. A sitting president cannot be prosecuted under federal law but after his presidency is a different matter. There are also many pending lawsuits regarding his past business activities as well as from financial dealings with his own family. https://www.justsecurity.org/72565/all-the-presidents-lawsuits-fraud-defamation-and-the-westfall-act-jean-carroll-mary-trump/ It is notable that every other presidential candidate releases their tax records. It should ring alar
  6. Which wars did Obama start rather than inherit?
  7. Just an observation on the quality of the information of this meme, I not that first on the Obama list is operation Ocean Shield. This was a NATO led operation to protect shipping from piracy in African waters. Should this be considered in a list of wars? An as for the other side I can see no mention of Trumps bombing of Syria or the drone attack's that continue. I would anticipate that if I could be bothered checking other items in these lists and it is difficult as this list is reproduced at a size that is difficult to even read. Wherever information comes from it is so
  8. Is this procedure new or different to past elections?
  9. Actually NASA back in the Apollo program used a mixture but most calculations were done in metric and then converted.
  10. My son owns a games developmemt company so he has all sorts of tech goodies. As soon as I can visit again I wiil spend some time on this.
  11. My son's flight sim setup.
  12. Other interesting youtube channels are Marcus House and Scott Manley
  13. Flightright what exactly is it you find funny. 911 health workers infected doing their job? People with health issues? Sorry but I don't really get what it is that amuses you perhaps you could be specific. I am always happy to have a rigorous factual debate and I am happy to consider any rigorous evidence but an emoji is not a debating point.
  14. No one is saying that younger people are most at risk, unless they do have a comorbidity. A comorbidity does not imply the someone is near to death and covid merely pushed them across the line a few weeks early. As a society we give health care to older people and people who have accidents or disease. We generally don't write them off to save a few bucks. Generally the comorbidities we are talking about are heart disease, blood pressure problems, diabetes type 1 and 2. These are people who are not necessarily on the way out in the near future. We are also talking about people who are h
  15. I am actually an optimist. I believe we will overcome this but not without effort. If you carefully read my posts you will notice that I am optimistic about recent vaccine trials and also treatments such as remdesivir etc. I am also not convinced that we are economically doomed either. I can actually be convinced of anything given rigorous evidence. There is quite a large uncertainty factor, we don't know how the virus will mutate, it good be for the better or for the worse.
  16. We have already reach over 700 in a day last week and this is with restrictions. remove those restrictions and the numbers can easily exceed those numbers. This is the nature of exponential growth. The number of ICU beds we have not only has to cope with covid patients but the background level of the usual accidents, strokes, heart attacks etc. Yes that is true, but they did this with pretty much the same measures we imposed here. The difference is we dropped the ball with quarantine guards. We now need to regain ground.
  17. I note that this article was written in mid april. We have much better data now regarding excess deaths. I am more than happy to link to the latest information if you wish. People push this idea that it is only the extremely old or people with preexisting conditions who are threatened by this. The idea seems to be that everyone who has a preexisting condition is only weeks away from death anyway. I wonder how many forum members are a few kilos over weight or have high blood pressure these conditions amongst many others do not mean you are about to drop dead. A large portion of our fo
  18. M61A allowing the virus to spread pretty much unchecked would produce a huge number of people of ALL AGES who may not die but still require hospital care. What do with do with them all? Your characterization of older people who die form covid as being close to death anyway from not looking after themselves is rather absurd. There would some people on this forum who have type 1 diabetes, expendable I guess. There are others here who may be being treated for cancer, expendable? Your right I do reject alternate methods that are proposed from ultra right wing or non medical experts. W
  19. M61A1 could you explain what you found funny about my post #377? I am more than happy to have a fact based debate but you offered no rational criticism of the points I made. Also no one has really presented their alternate method of handling the situation.
  20. You might want do little fact checking on that. A large number of people infected are in fact health workers who despite the risk continue to look after people. The death rate is not the only relevant concern. As of yesterday there were 456 people in hospital in Victoria 38 of them in ICU, this is with the restrictions that you find so objectionable. We know how many people became infected by one man who travelled from Vic to NSW and went to the pub, extrapolate those numbers to a no restriction scenario and then think about what those hospital numbers would be. Whilst you may consider o
  21. Then as a country we join with NZ in a travel bubble, this was on the cards but understandably NZ is hanging off on that. NZ is looking at a travel bubble with south pacific nations because they have a low infection rate. Perhaps extending that to Asian nations such as Japan. A gradual build up pf tourism from countries that have done well. Countries that have not managed to reduce infections will be shunned. This will help to begin the rebuild of the economy. Whilst this is happening there will be still some outbreaks but they will be easier to control. Meanwhile perhaps one of the
  22. Well not really, there has been a gradual tightening in response as numbers have climbed. We are discussing the tightening of restrictions aren't we? The fact that 40% of people who are supposed to be isolating are found not to be at home shows that people are having difficulties complying or just don't give a toss. I cant see any evidence that those 40% would be any better at isolating if there were not legal implications. If people are breaking isolation because they are bent out of shape by the laws than they obviously don't understand the reasons for staying home. Laws are mad
  23. New Zealand went hard and early and now enjoys life pretty much as normal. Sometimes you just have to dry your tears and do what is requireds to address the problem.
  24. In the 1980s I was a Musician in the RAAF band. We spent a lot of time touring and our usual mode of transport (other than a bus) was a C130 and occasionally a Caribou as well as other interesting aircraft. The Caribou was USUALLY great fun to fly in. I do remember one occasion though that was not so much fun. It was a flight from RAAF Richmond to RAAF Williamtown. Sometimes they would combine our flight with some kind of training exercise. On this occasion we flew to the coast and then along the coast at low level and it was one of those days. We were tossed around a little too much for
  25. I would suggest that the notion that the nation is being destroyed is hysterical nonsense.
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