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  1. Hmmm.... maybe you sensed I might pay a visit after a fairly lengthy hiatus.
  2. Ian has final say of course but I really can't see what you are doing as being of harm. Cheers!
  3. If you don't post links to a rich quick websites like Mick the muppet kept doing you'll be 'right.
  4. Only a lefty and a righty.....?! So sorry to hear about your loss.....
  5. Pssst...:whisper:Something weird happened to your post between getting the email notification thingamebob and now.
  6. ...as long as it doesn't affect the effect.
  7. Oscar has earned himself a little holiday Tubz. He'll be back in a week..... maybe
  8. Yeah, I got one too. Good idea IMHO as it has given me pause to have a think about it. Still not so sure I can be bothered with aviating anymore though.
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