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  1. Flyboy If you have information that would get the topic on track and have reliable information you should post it so that people are no longer guessing. You are promoting the guessing game which is obviously disturbing you (from your post) by not putting the correct eye witness account of what happened, not saying what happened is just promoting circumspectural comment. Aldo
  2. It is not about making someone else responsible you still have that responsibility it is about accountability all the way from the bottom to the top. The reason we have CoR regulation is because the top only ever thought about profit it is exactly the same reason unions exist, if the top did the right thing unions wouldn’t exist. And all of the above is from a right wing business owner Aldo
  3. Probably should pick up your bat and ball and go home mate you are way too good for us. There are quite a number of wide bodied jocks with multi thousands of hours on this site who are extremely helpful and informative it’s a shame with all of your experience you are not the same. Is it any wonder with your attitude that pilots are continuing to kill themselves the same way they have been since flying began. Oh and don’t bother responding I’ve put you on my ignore list ????? Aldo
  4. Machtuk One doesn’t need to work as a commercial pilot to understand the pressures of commercial flying. I have a MECIR, RPC, PPL and several thousand hours all paid for out of my pocket, I do a lot of business flying (my business) and believe me the financial pressures are very real, when was the last time you had to forgo your wages because of a decision you made as PIC (I don’t imagine you would ever have had this happen) so you really don’t understand commercial pressure, your commercial pressure is all coming from you because you as PIC get to make non financially binding decisions the
  5. Mate COR removes the pressure from the driver to drive just because the boss says so, as the boss can go to jail for forcing the driver to drive just like GA only the boss is not accountable in GA to the level it is in the transport industry these days
  6. Student Pilot Pilots are their own worst enemy they would cut each other’s grandmothers throats to get a job and this is where the problem starts it is not about CASA, legislation or safety management plans it is about supporting each other it is about doing the right thing whether it costs you your job or not, then it is about the next guy saying sorry mate you sacked “John/Jill” for complying with the regs I’m not going to work for you. Sadly this probably wont happen cause the next person will do it for $5 less an hour and so the cycle continues, until you all start to back each other up
  7. Onetrack agree totally 2 missed approaches go to your alternate
  8. NT5224 Yes the pilot works for a company that a good mate of mine is the chief pilot (based in Qld not the parachuting operation he was flying for on the day) he showed me the photos of the aircraft and the pilots injuries and also asked me not to give any more information than I have done. The pilot as you know is ok, he is in hospital for treatment but will recover fully from what I've been told. Both of us were surprised that the injuries were not far worse. Aldo
  9. The story is true it was a skydiving operation engine out on a 206 pilot alive with a few bumps and bruises. Stalled it into the trees tail first canopy not enough to hold it up so buried it’s nose in the dirt Aldo
  10. Mike The radio procedures essentially haven't changed but the requirements have, prior to the early to mid nineties (too long ago) all VFR flights were conducted on a full reporting basis (the same as IFR flights) departure calls, position reports (+- 2 minutes) and in contact with flight service at all times. Departure from your planned track had to be approved by flight service etc. This ensured that all traffic was monitored at all times. I fly both VFR and IFR and I make the same departure, enroute and inbound calls for both and you have some people criticise you for it (while VFR) b
  11. Not quite true (at least in Qld) I have a number of friends in FB operations flying tractors and most loads contain retardant I’m not sure if this is different in NSW and VIC although I have a mate flying out of Cooma at the moment and the day of the accident he was carrying retardant also said it was a shit day the tractors can deal with most conditions but the 130 may not
  12. Turbulence penetration speed is higher if you are heavy
  13. Tell the tower to piss off or just ignore them I'll change the transponder when I'm on the ground thanks
  14. KG I agree, I knew Rob (owner) quite well, my question is why do we fly around below lowest safe in shit conditions thinking we will get through it makes no sense, someone once told me most accident searches and investigations the next day are conducted in perfect conditions. Stay on the ground and wait it won't be that long.
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