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  1. This is what friends are for Tomo, to fly your spare spitfire!
  2. I'm not suggest it's hard to say the correct thing, I am just amazed how many people get totally bent out of shape for using the barely wrong, not 100% technically correct phrases.
  3. Hihosland, I have a Garmin 96, maps on it are only 1 y/o, comes with yoke clip and a charging cord that I am about to sell. Have no use it for it any more since going to Ipad, it's as new and work A1. If your interested let me know.
  4. I stick with, Any one in QLD, I'ma flying 'n' you better not go a runnin into me! No I really second what Howard Hughes has said. There are a lot of people who get their nickers in a knot about if you should say "Traffic Location" or "Location trafic". They nearly pass out if you have been flying a while and occasionally let slip the ominous "All Stations"!!!!! Rules are rules and I know there put in place for a reason, and in regards to the radio for practical standardisation of communications between aircraft. But the real point of using the push to talk is to convey important informat
  5. Kick the tyres, if they dont go flat then all is good
  6. There have been some really awesome suggestion so far, but IanR's is among the best (although I am a little disappointed that Kaz has not jumped in with Auster seeing as I did not defend it in my first post, which I should have! ). I always dreamed of owning a Beaufighter when I was younger. I figured it would be a far better way to destroy your eardrums than listening to load DUF DUF music. There a true a beast that have that odd talent of appearing both brutish yet sport's car elegant all in one. I'll take too, one for me and for Tomo to do formation work next to me in!!! (would need som
  7. Yes it really is, I say we do it Tomo
  8. If I was there Kaz, would have had the pesky Ipad up in running in ........ oh ........... 20 seconds!!!
  9. It really looks like he is taxing about and then ......... the thing bloody well gets airborne!!!!!
  10. To the very day I die, the aircraft that will hold a special place in my heart is the Tri-Pacer. It was the first real aircraft I ever owned (My first first was a 150, but my parents bought it for me so it does not really count!!!!!). The reason it is so special is because I bought this old girl for .......... $5K out the backyard of a deceased estate. Not flown in a number years, but had an all metal conversion for the skins and was a TOTAL delight to fly! I ended up deciding to re-build it after doing a whole bunch of hours in it, as a way to re-pay it's good service. I left america bef
  11. Realistic is far to restrictive to be a concern on this thread
  12. Here is one for those not to faint of heart! The fu-25 Fletcher, it's not a lot of aircraft being pulled by a lot of 250HP. Thats gotta be a lotta fun I would think And for $155,000 it can be your's!!!! http://www.aircraftonline.com.au/product.php?id=1351
  13. Here you go Nev, your dream machines. I gave you the ag cat with the front seats so you can muck about with you're friends in tow. Also found a nice sleek looking comanche, because I figured a refined gent such as yourself needs an aircraft that looks as good as it flies!
  14. I get sick of everyone saying how they want a new cirrus, or a millennium shark or some other polished plastic, fresh off the production line, new car smelling aircraft that costs more than a family home in the middle of sydney CBD. So if you're limited to imagination only and not cost, but it must be second hand and at least, lets say 20-30 years old minimum, whats your dream aircraft? For me, well there is not enough space in this thread to list them all! But I'm sucker for planes that I think "look" like they should. The Lincoln Sport, I think looks well....... So thats my RA
  15. It's not for the faint of heart, or those with lack of commitment, but I think Tomo were up for the challenge!
  16. I'm in for that, I always wanted a phantom (early luscombe with a radial, pictures of the cutie are below). I think they look awesome, or we could do it to the Auster, would look pritty cool!! Reliability is over rated, looking awesome - isnt:super hero:
  17. I'll pass that on to her Maj, I'd have to agree and say she is a few years away from any touch up work! Have to admit that my flying or adventures in these old jalopies would never have been the experience they have ended up being with out her at my side. Only cause I never really get too Tomo! Any one else is welcome to jump in with photo's of their toys (by that I mean cars and not wives or partners!)
  18. My comment was not directly aimed at you Mick, more at everyone else reading the thread who may use it as a basis for pushing the limits. As you will also note in my response I admit myself to doing the very action you have asked about, on a regular basis and so long as it is not used as an excuse have no issue with it at all. I can hardly condem my own actions!!
  19. I do not know where this sits with RA-AUS but being in Maintenance at one time, and on other occasions wanting to get away at first light I have often operated GA aircraft late at night without a night VFR rating, ground handling/taxing and re-fueling only. I have even on more the one occasion started up about 15 minutes prior to first light, done my checks, warmed up the engine and sat at the holding point for a few minutes while I waited for the correct time/sunlight to appear over the horizon before take off. (As a side note I have some time night flying on my USA licence to back up my e
  20. I was a lot younger, not as wise, very susceptible to others opinions and have since learnt better. I avoided becoming a statistic, a few times over after making some very unwise decisions. That's all you'll get out of me tornado, my lips are sealed to protect the valuable reputation I am sure I don't have on here
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