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  1. Funeral Details Graham's family have announced updated times for Graham's funeral: 10:00am: Memorial service 10:30am: Fly past Funeral service to be held once fly past pilots return. Jex
  2. Here are the details for Graham's funeral: Date: 18 July 2014 Time: 11am Place: Sandon Point SLSC, Point St, Sandon Point. All are welcome to attend. Jex
  3. Graham's family have advised that his funeral will be held on Friday 18th July in the Bulli/Wollongong area. There will be a formation fly-over and Graham's son-in-law will be flying Graham’s RV4. I'll post more details as they become available. Jex.
  4. If anyone wishes to share their memories of Graham, or to pass on any messages to his family, I have started a separate thread here: Vale Graham White Jex
  5. I am sure many of you have now heard of the tragic loss of Graham White in an aircraft accident just off the coast of Moruya on Sunday the 6th of July. Graham was involved in the training of an enormous number of budding aviators, so I am sure that his friends in this industry are spread far and wide across the globe. I have started this thread (and another here on PPRuNe) with the hope that people use it to share some of their memories of Graham, or to express their condolences to his family, especially if they are unable to make his funeral (of which I have no details yet). I realise t
  6. I can strongly recommend P.G. Taylor's "Frigate Bird" as an absolutely riveting read. His account of the first air crossing of the southern Pacific by Catalina flying boat is fascinating, and the details of their rocket assisted takeoff from Easter Island is an absolute ripper. I find abebooks.com a very useful source of these old out of print books: http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?an=taylor&sts=t&tn=Frigate Bird As facthunter mentioned, "The Boats I Flew" by Bryan Monkton is another great read if you have an interest in the role civilian flying boats had in Austral
  7. Yep, motorbikes and planes for longer than I've been doing anything else!
  8. G'day Frank, I've not tried only the last four digits of the rego when I submit a sartime. I'll give it a go next time I go flying, it would certainly be that little bit simpler. cheers Jeremy
  9. I very rarely submit a flight plan these days, but I always submit a sartime using naips. When I do I use the ICAO code if the aircraft has one or ULAC if it doesn't. To help out the poor controller in the RMK section I usually type in the actual call sign. Eg: when I flew a Foxbat last weekend: Aircraft ID: 244422 Aircraft type: AP22 RMK: Callsign is Foxbat 4422 I started doing this on the suggestion of an ATC who pointed out that this would make it much easier to contact me on the radio if they needed to, as most of them are unfamiliar with recreational type designators. I
  10. Well the weather is shaping up to be perfect for flying tomorrow, so it should be a great day out. Looking forward to seeing you all there. Boingk did you manage to get the day off work? cheers Jeremy
  11. ... and it looks like both Foxbats from the Sydney Recreational Flying Club at The Oaks will be making the trip down as well.
  12. Is anyone planning to go to this? I'm going to fly down for the day from The Oaks in a J230, which should be a nice trip if the weather is good. cheers Jeremy
  13. G'day Propfarmer, Thanks for your reply! It's always nice to meet an fellow diabetic aviator :) I'll send you a private message with my contact details. I'd be keen to talk to you about your flying and answer your questions about getting a PPL. cheers Jex
  14. Thank you to those that have got in touch so far. If any of you on the forum know of a pilot with insulin dependent diabetes, please feel free to pass on my email and spread the word that I am trying to get in touch. Any help would be much appreciated! cheers Jex
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