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    I am looking for a Garmin 155 gps can anyone help


  2. Does anyone know of an airstrip at Darlington Point NSW that is open for public use
  3. Has anyone fitted an airmaster electric inflight adjustable prop to a Lyncoming that has a light speed ignitions? The slip rings and ignition pick ups are in conflict
  4. The OME ignition system leaves a little to be desired. I changed mine to light speed plus a slick mag. Stable flight characteristics, slower than advertised cruise. Good fuel use age and brilliant endurance. Comfortable cabin.
  5. I am looking for something to replace my Brumby 610 Lycoming powered. I am looking for a big cabin , 130 kts , 4 seats, what’s for sale?
  6. It started early on a frosty Thursday morning, I loaded the Brumby for a flight to QLD. The light fog was rolling in from the north east but the the north west was clear. I departed Albury into clear crisp air for Coonamble, my first stop. I met up with my flying companion ,(flying a Glasair) and I topped up the fuel. After a brief stop we both departed for Moree, it was a short and uneventful trip but for a stiff head wind. After securing the planes, we walked to the caravan park resort and they were busy with caravan travellers, unfortunately our accomodation was closer to town, so we h
  7. I am looking for any information on the overhaul of a Subaru NSI gearbox. I would like any parts break down and or a supplier of the same. The prop is free wheeling , so it will be a sprag issue I suspect.
  8. Queens birthday weekend started poorly , fogged in until midday at Albury meaning Mid afternoon arrival at Leeton , After a warm welcoming from other attendees and an invitation to a cooked lunch I was ready to move in . Lined up were both RAA and VH powered planes and a couple spectacular gliders and in the back ground a large fire was burning quietly.. I was the only brave sole to set up my sleeping accommodation outside under the wing of the Brumby, the others stayed inside the club house , in caravans or ventured into town via a courtesy vehicle. The last part of Saturday was filled w
  9. 1/3/20 one lonely Brumby departed AlburyCity for a flight to Broken hill via Mungo and Menindee Lakes . The flight to Hay NSW was smooth and at 2500’ we watched the ground go by , my passenger who has only had one flight before thought this smoothness is normal. A top up of fuel at Hay and a quick walk around, YHAY terminal was clean and fresh this time , unlike the last visit. Keeping at 2500’ to Mungo the air was remarkably smooth, the flight around the wall of clay and the sand dunes was scenic and a few photos taken. Off to Menindee ,we could hear the air traffic increase with the air
  10. 2 planes left Albury air port at a very early hour , we flew directly to Benambra township via Dartmouth, Mitta Mitta the view from height was spectacular , with valley fog (and some smoke) and a perfect sunrise over the hill tops and the air was crisp encouraging the planes floated peacefully through the air with hardly a ripple, what a fantastic morning to fly. YLKE (Kalimna) was in view in no time at all and unfortunately bringing our flight to an end for the day. YLKE is a well kept grass strip with facilities. The owner of the strip always makes you feel welcome and will give you a ride
  11. Earl , the inference you made to was to attack me, I met a pilot on the airfield who was bordering on rude, at no time did I say Porepunkah aero club or it’s members where unfriendly or unhelpful, as I only met the glider pilot. But a grunt and a couple words and then to walk off and ignore me. That was unfriendly.
  12. Earl, your comment makes it sound like porepunkah air strip has more than one member with an unhelpful attitude. I will pass your comments to the rest of my group .
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