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  1. How dare you have an opinion about Trump that is not bad! Shame on you! Everybody knows the best bet was Hillary??
  2. All good for Jabiru, failure not the fault of the engine and pilot friendly airframe. Don't know why I thought I could believe the media. Silly in hindsight.
  3. That would change the whole thing. I guess relying on news reports is a waste of time. With so little known about the event speculating would also seem to be a waste of time.
  4. That would make an aircraft unsafe you have to be able to check how much fuel you have.
  5. With fuel starvation the motor tends not to stop dead like that. I would like to know where that report came from. Things about this don't sound right.
  6. Yes true do you think someone has been in a position to differentiate between the the two in this case? Given the aircraft is not easily accessible.
  7. Maybe but that would be stupid. Pilots that want to live have to make better decisions than that. If the motor stopped for some other reason then that would be different. I doubt if he made it all the way from WA by being stupid.
  8. I heard he landed at Mundubbera and the motor stopped shortly after take off fuel starvation makes no sense to me. If he took off with almost empty tanks to go to Bundaberg then what the!!
  9. Teckair

    Drones again

    BLA82 is right not sure what you are seeing.
  10. Teckair

    Drones again

    Anyone doing the wrong thing with a drone should have the book thrown at them. What's going on at Gatwick should be regarded as an act of terror.
  11. A Savannah is stol but it could not make the turn this guy tried to do.
  12. Maybe but I wouldn't try it I would have gone straight ahead and slightly to the left to the waters edge. Might wreck the plane but less impact.
  13. Watched the video taken from inside the plane. Here is my thoughts a 180 degree turn from that height with out power was not achievable. I had thought the turn must have been attempted because there was no other option but the video appears to show that is not the case. The plane was flying low over the water and not in the best position to be checking the beach sand surface. The plane was being flown in a manner as though an engine failure was not possible. He was trying to defend the indefensible.
  14. I will make sure I see that tonight how this person thinks he can clear their names is hard to imagine after the cowboy outfit they ran.