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  1. Close ?. A Kawasaki 440. That is now rebuilt with brand new heads and internals
  2. Its not just the wire cables either ;). I had to swage up all new strutt,tail and control wires on my old jackaroo. The wires appeared new and the swages wrapped in a heat shrink? I removed the heat shrink to inspect the swages and they were green,corroded/calcified heavely and a couple had been over crimped and split !!!!!!! 2 and 3mm stainless 316 cable and swages fir the whole thing was under $200. On the strutt cables i went with a double swage (like my old N11) didnt cost more than $10 extra for the extra swage that wasnt needed but i felt better having them.
  3. Hi Ian. Sorry i might be a bit slow lol. but I cant seem to find the classified section? Thanks mate
  4. Well considering i owned and did over 100 hrs in my belt driven T83 with robin ec44pm and operated out of my 200 meter strip its safe to say your not quite right there. !!!! In fact way off mate ;). T 83 with belt drive robin at mtow of 300 kgs climbs all day long at over 500 fpm. the most strip i used was 150 on a stinking hot day. ;). And that was in 2013
  5. Jamestown 2018 – Jim Whalley Interview – fiveDME
  6. Dave are you going? As ill nominate you on my proxy!!!
  7. wrote this last night and recorded on my ipad for "flight for life" Drought releif fund To help our farmers doing it tuff I call it " Drought Down Under" One of the fundraiser organisers put it to a video Anyway Just need a record deal now lol
  8. find it here on the RAA website. Well Done Mark
  9. The mag has just been taken over by Mark smith (previously Australia flying magazine) a very accomplished editer and photographer. He is of firm belief that he will revitalise our current magazine. He has not long taken over / hand over. So i guess things are pretty full on at the moment. Give it time to settle and hopfully we should have ourselves a nice new mag
  10. "5DME Adelaide Aviation & Flight Simulation is Adelaide’s premier aviation web site. We monitor and observe real aviation. This site is not just a collection of thousands or even millions of photographs from everyone. It is dedicated to aviation in Adelaide, South Australia." I've joined the crew and will debut at Jamestown Air Spectacular oct 2018 Crew – fiveDME
  11. If ya talking "Cheap Aeroplane". ; heres one of my girls
  12. there has been a couple of boorabees whith Jab engines. This one had a 2.2 jab. Was for sale few years back
  13. Aerodrome aircaft !!! Fisher aircraft !! Just To name a couple
  14. No wuggers will relist tonight from other ipad with smaller pics
  15. Hi Ian. Are the classifieds gone? Cant see any and when i click on my adds only my outdated ads show up and not my current listing? Do i repost my sonerai Advert ? No wuggers. Thanks mate
  16. Jack. Ill pm you my number on FB. Give me a ring after 6 pm. And we will have a chat .... 5 k should see you flying a 2stroke single no worries. Or a project . To Give you an idea. I sold a flying VW powered singke seat chinook (used in my youtube movie" The Diary of Jack Flyer - The Red Devil". For $1800. Required reg only just sold a vw powered VP 1 needing skinning compkete with eng fir $1500 plenty out there
  17. I tried to advertise on here mate. But not one of my pictures would upload. ? After many attempts with different pics i gave up!!! Put on other free sites and the same pics uploaded within seconds no worries. ?
  18. My whing ding did same couple months ago. It had a retainer but somehow one screw came out and starter cord and rubber handle went into prop. Now have to make new prop (you can just make out the handle in its retainer behind my left arm/shoulder
  19. Some of us still do fly "real ultralights" ;)
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