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  1. Yeah ... Dex is a bloody rev head ... always out in front of the pack ... God love him ... LOL
  2. CO is insidiously dangerous, it is not just toxic, by its nature it excludes Oxygen. Also remember CO sensors are electrochemical cells, sometimes biochemical and as such ALL have a limited life. Always discard as recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. Do a search on Tumby bay airfield in South Australia. About 7 years ago a Grumman and a RAAus registered Jabiru 230 collided on final. The Jabiru was on the new CTAF frequency and the Grumman was on the old CTAF frequency they were in the circuit together and obviously neither heard the other's calls because of the frequency conflict. Classic reason to not change CTAFs unless absolutely necessary. The impact occurred just as both aircraft were flaring for landing; the Grumman on top of the Jabiru. All crew survived; nothing short of a bloody miracle. The Jabiru pilot was an associate
  4. Interesting watch. Some of this stuff not well known about the LIPOs. It beggers belief that anyone would just automatically think that a whole new battery technology can simply be bolted up to a standard Alternator for charging. Most should know by now that LiPOs can take a full charge voltage right up to fully charged and the current stays up there. This will result in alternator over heat unless you over size your alternators ro, as Victron suggest install a temp monimtoring management system to reduce the charge current as the alt temp rises. Victron are one of the best in this fi
  5. Hi Arthur, That photograph is the Hornet isnt it? I thought the wasp was the two seat tandem tail wheel; at least the prototype I saw was.
  6. That would be David and Caroline Salter; truly lovely folks. Probably the most experienced Beaver pilot in the world; he did a lot of Ag development with de Havilland back in the early Beaver days.
  7. They are a lovely balanced aircarft to fly. I loved flying one from the front seat some years back.
  8. It will be in the by laws, look them up on line. Membership classes and rules are usually set in the by laws. If it says they can, they can. Quite common today. Bit difficult if you don't have an email ... LOL
  9. Blood nice little aircraft they were. What is this one powered by and how old is it?
  10. Very much so ... Ross was an endearing helpful little bugga. Our little community noticeably misses him.
  11. Motz, Was there ever an accident report? Likewise, I never saw one on the Wayne Fisher accident either. These were two accidents of great interest to the community.
  12. Definitely a big loss to our small community. Sadly missed.
  13. This is a terrible loss, especially as a father and son. I think of myself and my boys and how this could have happened to me all those years ago in my VFR flight into IMC incident ... I was very fortunate that day. From all reports these were really decent people; but these kinds of accidents have no respect for persons and terribly unforgiving of errors of judgement. From all accounts on the news from friends who were interviewed, these were a really good family who gave a tremendous amount to the community. My heart goes out to the family.
  14. Sydney is down to one runway (East West) due wind, that will cause chaos. I have just had my 12:20 Q flight out of Mt Isa cancelled and put on a 18:00 flight which gets me into Brisbane too late to get a flight to Sydney and in any case no available flights ATM from Brisbane to Sydney, so stuck in Brisbane overnight. Wouldn't be so bad if this wasn't the fourth day in a row Q have cancelled the midday flight out of Mt Isa; and they don't tell you till the morning of the flight. Doesn't stop them blaming the weather though for all four days. We try to get on line to change the flights f
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