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  1. TBC82

    Feedback on GR582

    Hi Arthur, Thanks for that informed view. As I said I have had nothing to do with the 2 stroke engines and its good to get the view of people with your experience especially for someone like me who is just starting out in this hobby. As you said there is alot of pros & cons to both 912 & the 582 but after hearing what you had to say and doing abit of research myself I am starting to lean more to the 912, simply for the bettter load carrying and looking at a comparison of cost of tbo up to 1200hr the 582 is about 8k more to maintain, this comparison also includes fuel burnt aswell & as you also said value money ie: performance, resale. Cheers Tim
  2. Just after a little bit of feedback on ALW GR582 as I have been told that they are too under powered and to stick with chasing a GR912s. As I have only flown in the GR912s I was hoping for some first hand experience in or owning a 582. Cheers Tim.
  3. Hi Phil. I will only be looking at doing mostly local flying around the central highlands and Mackay area. I have been looking at the drifter and the thrusters aswell but I think if I came home with one of them the wife might have a hearty. If I was to go that way it would be the drifter I would go for just simply going reviews as I have never been up in one. Cheers Tim.
  4. Hi everyone my name is Tim I'm from Middlemountwill be starting my RPL in the next few months. I will be doing my training alw GR912 taildragger. Once I've completed my licence I will be looking to purchase a alw GR912 or GR582, but haven't decided yet. So that is my story and if anyone can help me make the on which plane to choose that would be great. Cheers Tim.
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