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  1. "Elegant" for me, looks very familiar with what we have had in the past.
  2. puddles_7


  3. Does this mean that every "Uber Air" pilot will need an ASIC? Good luck making the rooves of the chosen buildings becoming a secure site. Puddles
  4. Hey Deskpilot Interesting quote, however in the words of the late Stephen Hawking... "I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road." Cheers Puddles
  5. Hi NinjaNate It's been about 5 or 6 years since I did my Human Factors. I needed 2 goes at it. Initially I used a Bob Tait publication and found that it didn't cover what was in the exam (in my humble opinion). I then purchased the Dyson-Holland publication, the same as you have, and found it to be relevant.I was so happy with the Dyson-Holland book that I also went on and purchased their book for my Cross Country endorsement too. Just my 2 cents worth. Good luck Puddles_7
  6. Welcome Neophyte, I am also in Townsville. Who are you learning with?
  7. Site appears to be down yet again.
  8. Bruce you appear to have copped some heat from your letter. I read it and saw it for what you meant. I don't believe there is a structure that CASA require from pilot responses. At least you sent a response that was clear and concise. If others want to criticise for your response then that's their problem. Well done Cheers Puddles_7
  9. Hi Dafydd, I understand your frustration however there are plenty on here that value your advice and contributions. In my case I can't contribute very much due to my limited knowledge therefore I spend a great deal of time reading most of the posts and trying to sort out the "wheat from the chaff". I very quickly worked out who the armchair authorities are as well as the bashers , the know-alls and the patronisers. Those are the posters that I tend to ignore because their positive contributions are non-existent while their negative posts are massaging their failing egos. I assume the bias you mention is due to Oscar's 2 week holiday. I have read and re-read his posts from yesterday an can't see what has been bad enough to cause his expulsion. There have been plenty of posts by others that I have considered quite patronising or belittling with no reaction from the hierarchy so that leads me to believe there are some untouchables on this site. All the same the exchanges of info by most of the posters is honest and informative. I occasionally converse offline with Oscar when I have a question that will only fire up the Jab bashers when I just want an honest answer without any of the grief. The work you guys are doing is invaluable, especially at this time when the Jabiru reliability issue is coming to a head, and we need the contributions you are making. If you guys are going to disappear from this site then forum members like myself will lose access to such a valuable resource. Keep up the good work and don't leave us. Puddles_7
  10. Hi Ian Good job, well done. I know what sort of work is required to get something like this done. A professional web developer would charge in the thousands to configure a new server, do the migration, complete the testing then update the DNS settings - and you do this for nothing. Just like you to know how appreciated you are. Thanks Mate Puddles_7 ✈️
  11. Merv Can you explain what you mean by "top" and "bottom" rudder? Cheers Puddles
  12. Hi Guys, There has been some discussion on these forums about CAMit mods for Jabiru engines and CAMit are advertising Aero engines on their website. What I would like to know is under what circumstances can the CAMit engines or their modified parts be used in a current Jabiru airframe. Does this require a registration modification or does it require a signoff by an approved person? Puddles_7
  13. Hi Guys Doing some experimenting with a 912/914 and looking for a pair of inlet manifolds, I don't want to butcher the originals. Anyone with a trashed engine that is beyond repair I am happy to use recycled manifolds. Cheers Puddles
  14. Signed. I will do a ring around tonight to encourage others.
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