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  1. That's 4days/week and only one of five aircraft.
  2. We have just bought a J230D with the 4th generation engine and have done 150hrs in 5 weeks. It purrs and so smooth. We pick up a J170D tomorrow also with the 4th generation engine.
  3. Why is it when anything is reported to be wrong you are told oh you are the only one with this problem! How come people tick false facts when they have no idea what has been happening? This is what I mean by unbelievable!
  4. Not talking about that. I am talking about a certain few posts with questionable facts.
  5. Were your bungees for a skyfox or gazelle. apparently they are different. I did see the cord on spruce but wasn't sure. John McBride said gazelles have some sort of vulcanised blocks??
  6. Thanks for your reply. We did get a quote from Gympie and as you said VERY EXPENSIVE. We did hear they were manufactured in Tasmania but don't know by who. If anyone has any info on this we would be very grateful.
  7. Can anyone suggest where to buy replacement bungees for gazelle and what price to expect to pay please
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