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  1. How about a tiny tach? Hour meter when engine runs as well a Tacho.
  2. Yes was at Wollongong. The wings have just been removed for SIDS and re fabric the wings.
  3. Yes was at Wollongong. The wings have just been removed for SIDS and re fabric the wings.
  4. Not a worry at all. We can set you up.
  5. Cessna 140 is now back from been out on private hire and is ready for someone looking to do more tail wheel training or take on a trip.
  6. Are you looking to private hire an aircraft? Available is this Cessna 140 tail wheel aircraft. It's a great aircraft to fly and learn your tail wheel time on. Offering this at $75per hr dry or $110inc gst wet. Based at Orange airport. Block times also available.
  7. I'm thinking pylon racing in ultralights eg: thruster/vision/drifter/flight star/xair ect
  8. That's not correct at all. If that's the case you should look for another insurance company. This is the reason people are not getting a go in other types of aircraft. It's really the owner say no but saying it a insurance thing. Anyone can come fly any of my aircraft I have as long as I approve them and have endorsements.
  9. My Cessna 140 also has the 0-200 100hp
  10. I've got a Cessna 140 that I can dry hire out to you. If you do a few hrs a month you could even relocated it where you live.
  11. It's a bolt with lock nut on the inside.
  12. I have new tach in stock if you need one.
  13. Try wings out west in dubbo. He has a new cub there.
  14. Are you looking for a aircraft to hire for a couple of months. I'm offering my Cessna 140 to be hired out to people if they are interested. There will be a min hrs a month and depoist paid up front. This is a great way of having your own aircraft at your use when you want it. I will have other aircraft available as well so just ask if your looking for something. Contact me for any more information. [email protected]
  15. Have a bloke in orange that's very good with them.
  16. There is a king model that will slide straight in.
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