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  1. jacko

    Zenair ch 200

    VH-FHO. Any chance of having a chat by phone? My email is [email protected] Cheers, Zach.
  2. jacko

    Zenair ch 200

    Hi, does anyone own a ch 200/250 or know of someone that does. I have just purchased one. I'm after some information on this aircraft if someone can help. Cheers.
  3. Hi, chasing wheel spats for a airborne XT trike if anyone has a set:) Cheers.
  4. http://en.yibada.com/articles/111447/20160324/erin-storm-former-the-bachelor-contestant-dies-in-tragic-plane-crash.htm
  5. Microlight and portable hangar stolen from Tamworth NSW. If you have any information please call 0407012306 or Tamworth police station.
  6. Hi guys, I'm chasing an airborne bracket mount for the 1050 BRS systems. It's going on a xt 912 tundra. Cheers.
  7. Yes that's right, I've seen the blue tops with just two pod filters on the carbs.
  8. Sorry I'm talking about the air filter silencer not the exhaust thanks guys for info.
  9. Hi I own a 582 rotax on an airborne trike and wondering what changes and what is involved in taking the silencer off to get better fuel consumption. Thanks.
  10. Thanks sandman, I haven't put any 515 sealant in between the two halfs. Do I have to scrape anything out like you did? Or did you do that because you put the 515 in there? Thanks.
  11. Hi, has anyone else had this problem with a 582 blue top, if so what can be done to stop it? Engine has 55 hrs.
  12. Anyone got any ideas on mounting compasses on xt trikes also a good compass or heading compass to buy?
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