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    This is a brand new 100hp Twin Rotor Rotary Engine purposely built in Germany for use in recreational aircraft. It has only been used to test a supercharged version for 180hp which didn't work as the belt drive supercharger was draining too much power out of the engine. This is a watercooled engine and can be mounted horizontally or vertically, weighs only 28kg without a PSRU; so if your looking for an engine to make your aircraft look like you have a Turbine installed, then this is the unit you need. Price is firm; no offers


    Pacific Haven, Queensland - AU

  2. Hi dj_rex I sent you a pm but never received a reply, If you still want the information contact me.
  3. Blackhawk


  4. If you can send me an email to <[email][email protected][/email]> I can send you all the information or you can ring me on 07 4129 4212. Cheers, Graeme
  5. There are a lot of difference way's to produce a coaxial propeller drive This sketch could be one Or you could use one of these https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Drive+for+coaxial+propellers+1+-+10 Just work on what suits your application best; but I would use belts to the prop shafts.
  6. No, it's a side by side boxwing design, but not a Ligeti Stratus.
  7. Bevel gears in a counter rotating gearbox makes it too complicated and heavy; it can be done with spur gears only and will run smoother an quieter.
  8. Just go up 4 posts; the 3 view drawing is there; it's fully enclosed so you can't see the internal tube frame but basically the same setup as the HM-1000 But not a flying flea design; it's a boxwing.
  9. Well; all I can say is I'm glad your not designing my concept aircraft. I don't know where you got 100-150mm high speed bearings and especially a bevel gear system. If you look closely at the HM1000 photo you will see the tube that has the prop hub is about 44mm so the solid bearing shaft would be 38mm, so the bearings would be 38mm ID x 63mm OD x 4 off (2 at the front of the hub and 2 at the hub. This is a proven system and has been operating for nearly 20 years. Being a belt drive it gives you the required reduction and would be turning the prop at about 2700rpm max. and using belts, torsional vibrations are almost nil. The top support for the rear fuselage is that thin solid round bar (about 20mm OD) that connects to the 38mm solid bar at the front of the prop. Haven't got a clue where your bevel gear system would go.
  10. This is another brilliant mid tailboom propeller aircraft; the HB-204 Tornado tandem seat trainer.
  11. This is my concept mid boom propeller aircraft; a bit heavier the yours at 600kg MTOW and the boom has more support from below. It should have very good handling characteristics and light on fuel. Unfortunately no folding wings.
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