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  1. Saw this on another forum; A-22 landing and taking off on a ship.
  2. KRviator, The MTOW for a RV-9A is listed as 1600 to 1750lbs (727 to 795kg) How did you register it in RAAus ???? when the MTOW is currently 600kg
  3. Roughly you'd be looking at about AU$60,000 for a single seat "KIT" to your door.
  4. The Merlin is a very nice and well made single seat aircraft and were originally being sold by the ProTech company in the Czech Republic; it was listed as assembled 15,500 euro and kit 5,500 euro in 2017 But now they don't sell them from the Czech Republic, it was acquired by Aeromarine in the US about five years ago and the factory works for them manufacturing the Merlin's there for export. https://aeromarine-lsa.com/photo-gallery/eg-plane-gallery/ ProTech do not reply to emails, all enquiries are directed to Aeromarine and they handle all reply's and orders Typically when a good design like this is swallowed up by another company, especially from the US, the price escalates and for the US that's OK because everything is priced in US$ but all other countries especially here, get screwed. It would be better to buy a 2 seat Jabiru or other aircraft than to import a Merlin into Australia. Plane Prices Top of Form Merlin price calculator and order form To place your order please download and complete this order form and send to [email protected] Total Estimated Cost AIRFRAME QUICK-BUILD KIT: $18,500 - Quick-Build E-A/B Airframe Parts Kit: Spars & Sub-Assemblies Are Riveted All Parts Are Pre-Fabricated And Pre-Drilled. Includes Composite Gear, Wheels, Brakes, Control & Fuel Systems POWERPLANTS $6,950 - Rotax 582: 65HP Electric Start, B Drive, Oil Injected $12,950 - HKS 700E 4-Stroke Aircraft Engine ENGINE INSTALLATION PACKAGE $3,850 - Firewall-Forward Engine Package Includes: Engine Mount, Cowl, Throttle, Oil Tank, Exhaust, Propeller, Spinner, Air Filter, Radiator, Hardware And Fittings AVIONICS OPTIONS $1,500 - BASIC PANEL: ASI, ALT, BALL, FUEL & ENGINE ANALOG INSTRUMENTS $1,100 – Custom Panel – To Be Quoted $2,500 – TRIG MODE S TRANSPONDER, WIRING HARNESS, & ANTENNA AIRCRAFT OPTIONS $5,500 - Brs 800 rocket parachute $450 - Upholstery: temperfoam seat cushions $500 - WHEEL FAIRINGS: SET OF 3 $975 - Night lighting package: led strobe, landing & nav lights $3,000 - One colour painting $0 – Taildragger option (tundra tires available) OPTIONAL AIRCRAFT BUILDERS’ ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: $6,500 - Quick-Build Kit - FAA E-A/B Compliant Builders’ Assistance Program. The Builders’ Assist Program can be customized to suit the individual builder. It can be divided into several time periods. It can be increased to cover customization. It can even be offered at the builder’s facilities. We can also offer a reduced cost 2-3 day ‘Jump-Start’ program to introduce the builder to the aircraft and assembly methods. Call to discuss these options. We are happy to make accommodations to each builder’s experience, time available, and locations. CUSTOMER SPENDS 2 WEEKS IN OUR FLORIDA BUILD CENTER TO FINISH AIRCRAFT. INCLUDES INSTALLATION OF BASIC PANEL & ENGINE & 1ST FLIGHT $500 - Container Packing $1,500 - Ocean freight to USA NOTE:6% Florida Sales Tax If Applicable. Freight: Pro-rated container cost from Europe: To Be Quoted INTRODUCTORY PRICING: SUBJECT TO CHANGE
  5. I've done a bit more searching and if you need clarification on the exact specifications of the G97/M7; Peter Harlow - Foxbat Australia would be able to give you the correct information as he was the approved Australian/New Zealand distributor for them. He may even pick up on this thread and let us know what happened to the design. APenNameAndThatA you will know Peter.
  6. I think you got the MTOW wrong; it's 472.5kg not 742kg
  7. I did some searching last night and found information from 2014, which I've put in a PDF attachment. The G97 was renamed the M7 by the designer who I have emailed but not received a reply yet. Cheers, G97 - M7.pdf
  8. Time Left: 28 days and 6 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    This is a brand new 100hp Twin Rotor Rotary Engine purposely built in Germany for use in recreational aircraft. It has only been used to test a supercharged version for 180hp which didn't work as the belt drive supercharger was draining too much power out of the engine. This is a watercooled engine and can be mounted horizontally or vertically, weighs only 28kg without a PSRU; so if your looking for an engine to make your aircraft look like you have a Turbine installed, then this is the unit you need. Price is firm; no offers


    Pacific Haven, Queensland - AU

  9. Hi dj_rex I sent you a pm but never received a reply, If you still want the information contact me.
  10. Blackhawk


  11. If you can send me an email to <[email][email protected][/email]> I can send you all the information or you can ring me on 07 4129 4212. Cheers, Graeme
  12. There are a lot of difference way's to produce a coaxial propeller drive This sketch could be one Or you could use one of these https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Drive+for+coaxial+propellers+1+-+10 Just work on what suits your application best; but I would use belts to the prop shafts.
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