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  1. Hello Does anyone have access to yesterdays edition of the Albury-Border Mail newspaper? They were going to print an interview with the pilot. That could make interesting reading! Regards Ian
  2. The funeral of Peter Franks will be held at 10am this Friday the 29th of April, at Nelson Brothers Funeral Services, 81 Kororoit Creek Road, Williamstown, Vic.. The service will be followed by drinks and nibblies at the Pirates Tavern, also in Williamstown.
  3. By THE NATION Published on April 15, 2011 A two-seater plane crashed in Nakhon Nayok's Ongkharak district yesterday evening, leaving its two occupants dead, police said.The pilot was identified as Kraiwut Saringpaiboon, 50, and the passenger an Australian man named Peter Franks. The wreckage was found in a rice field not far from a private airstrip. Initial investigation found that the two occupants were on a training flight and the plane was about to land when the engine ceased causing the plane to crash, according to Police Lt-Colonel Opas Walaiphet of the Ongkharak district police sta
  4. G'day My aircraft has a panel mounted ICOM A200 and I use the inbuilt intercom system which works just fine as far as I am concerned. However my son now wants to hook up his mobile phone and music systems directly into the aircraft headsets. Would anyone have any suggestions as to how I could do this? Just maybe there is a magic box out there somewhere that will do the job! Thanks and regards Ian
  5. G'day I must admit that this Navman stuff is a mystery to me. What would be the difference to a unit to be used in a plane to that used in a boat. The order (HEO 469) that Ole quotes is not on record with CASA so we don't know what the alterations are. Perhaps if Heon has some contact with him maybe he could ask for the details of the modifications? That would answer a lot of questions. I note that Ole says that the marine gauge is different to the aviation gauge, but is the transducer the same for both models? My gauge works just fine, but the fault is with the transducer. I did a
  6. G'day I have a Navman Fuel Mizer that has worked just fine until a short while ago but now it has become intermittent. The display is alight, and but only ocassionally shows some fuel flow details. I have checked for fuel blockages, loose wires and bad comnnections but it all seems OK. Anyone have any ideas? I have tried to contact the dealer that I bought it from but to no avail. Does anyone know if there still a dealer or where I could buy parts or a replacement unit? Thanks Ian Donaldson
  7. G'day Mike. Thanks for the information re the thread. I obviously missed it. What piqued my intrerest in going to the Flinders was that I met John Birrell at Wentworth fly-in on the Saturday and he was regaling me with tales of adventure during his recent trip. I was going to talk further to him on Sunday but he left early owing to the weather forecast. We flew home on the Monday, and it was an unpleasant trip dodging weather all the way. There are a few of us from The YLED club that may go to the Flinders, and I will pass around the fact that you are planning a September tour. reg
  8. G'day John Well my miZer is dead. The gauge is alive but shows zeros only. A friend has a spare transducer and I am going to swap it over to my gauge to see if the transducer is really the problem before spending $180.00! I found Ole by calling a number on the original information sheet that came with the gauge. I was redirected to his mobile phone and I found that he is in FNQ and won't be home for a month. I will keep you informed as to the outcome of my investigations. I agree that YLED can be windy, after all that is where the weather is made! I don't know your friend, Geor
  9. The Flinders Ranges and beyond. G'day I live in Gelong, in Victoria, and some time soon I wish to fly to the Flinders Ranges. Someone out there must have done all this before, and I would appreciate any hints, tips, clues (etc) about the route to take, places to stay, things to do and people to meet! Regards Ian
  10. G'day What finally happened to Pelorus? As I remember the story, Hannibal killed him in a fit of rage, only to posthumously pardon him once he realised that the pilot was correct in the course that he took. He is buried somewhere in Sicily or thereabouts. In regards to the miZer, I have found that Ole Jensen was the International dealer, but he has since sold the dealership to Mike Puhl in the USA. However Ole still has a few spare transducers ($180) and when he gets home from a month away he will send me one. So problem solved! (Fingers crossed) Thanks for your interest. regard
  11. G'day "Hannibals pilot"! Thanks for the reply. I have now made contact Navman, but they only support the newest GPS based equipment. This is not what I have. Regards Ian
  12. G,day I have a Mizer that has stopped working! The display is working but it does not show any fuel flows. I have checked the transducer and it is clear and that vane turns freely and teh wiring seems to all be in good order. Now my questions; Has anyone had the same problem, and if so how did you fix it? Anyone know where the dealer/manufacturer is? Maybe I can get it serviced. It is a great instrument and I don't want to toss it in the rubbish bin just yet! regards Ian Donaldson
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