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  1. Refer to your own post 40. Certainly reads like you are giving advice. Mick W
  2. I canot believe the BS being written here, the aircraft had a major defect and can only be repaired IAW manufactures procedures .as per usual here everybody has an opinion about illegal repairs an then complain about the authorities wanting to inflict more regulations .l do know the facts because i am the engineer who said the aircraft could not be flown facts which i will not share on a forum with people in whos aircraft i would not fly in if they are maintained by the metods descibed Mick W
  3. You only need a condition report if the aircraft is being sold. if only an annual inspection and only used for private operations you may do it on your level one authority if you are confident to carry out the maintenance a level 2 is only required if used for hire and reward Mick W
  4. Why not just do it as the manufacturer says
  5. not if it is 24/23 registered not difficult to source Bert Flood can supply but will drain your bank account Mick W
  6. The jabiru and rotax charging systems are not suitable for liFePo4 batteries to many spikes as Ralph said the powermate regulator cures the problem ,charge rate must not exceed 14.6 volts Mick
  7. both Raaus 19-xxxx and VH experimental may be flown in controlled airspace both must be equipped with approtiate avionics amd instrument inspections , both need to be issued with CAR 262AP(5) flight over built up area approval Mick
  8. Giday  Mick need to talk to you about the Jab 3300 engine  looking for a good mid time 3300 or a new one for a CH 750 I am building contact when ready.  [email protected] thanks. Mick........Barry
  9. Hay Wentworth Murray bridge. 3 even legs fuel available at all steps Mick W
  10. I built the first CX4 to fly in Australia Built as per the plans . fitted with a 2ltr limbach is under Propped at the moment. 3000 rpm 17 inches manifold pressure. Indicating about 90 knots great to fly , not a difficult tail dragger but like all tail draggers must be respected feel free to pm me Mick W. Gawler South Aust
  11. The aircraft was doing a formation landing therefore the pilot woul have only been looking to his left at the other aircraft only the lead aircraft would be looking forward
  12. That info is from the service manaul Mick W
  13. Suspect it is semiconductor Q316. Q316 is a. 2SC1947 Mick w
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