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  1. The aircraft was doing a formation landing therefore the pilot woul have only been looking to his left at the other aircraft only the lead aircraft would be looking forward
  2. ruffasguts


    That info is from the service manaul Mick W
  3. ruffasguts


    Suspect it is semiconductor Q316. Q316 is a. 2SC1947 Mick w
  4. ruffasguts

    jabiru radio noise

    jay car $15.00 have used these in alot of applications including sending one to Florida for the prototype Thatcher CX5 cheap and easy starting polnt 10A DC Noise Filter (Improved) CAT.NO: AA3074 Mick W
  5. ruffasguts

    Learn to fly in your own built kit plane.

    Incorrect all aircraft are required to fly off a test schedule check tech manual section 3 Mick W
  6. ruffasguts

    Where to buy Rotax Engine Oil in Adelaide SA?

    Shell refueler parafield has stock
  7. ruffasguts

    Dual Radios

    These radios have a slide clip which moves sideways latching I the grooves in the 2 screws I may have one in the hanger will look tomorow Mick W
  8. ruffasguts

    Aeropup 2017

    As a builder of an early aeropup kit about to start covering I have had a conversation with Rollo and the future looks very bright For the aircraft . Further details I will leave to Rollo to make public when the company sees fit ,however the future of this aircraft and company looks good Mick Wright Gawler
  9. ruffasguts

    Safe flying for all

    Finished the auster yet Mick W
  10. ruffasguts


    Already is 100 hrs or 12 months which ever occurs first Mick W
  11. ruffasguts

    Aircraft paint suppliers

    Prem fat fingers. Phonex paints Mick
  12. ruffasguts

    Aircraft paint suppliers

    Phones paints have today shipped fabric cement to me made to order Product price great frieght great ripoff Mick
  13. ruffasguts

    The XPB Stage 1 underway.

    must be fat finger trouble .not intentional unknown button pressing find whatu are doing interesting god luck with it Mick
  14. ruffasguts

    RAA MTOW increase?

    Refer raaus airworthiness notice 08082014