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  1. Can you advise what is meant by certified for use in Australia and who certifies them. Does it mean they are legal to use in Australia both on the ground and in the air. I would have thought that some mention would have been made about this in their brochure.
  2. I thought this forum was about all things recreational flying and not some platform to push ones jaundice political views.
  3. Current costs as per asc website Gawler $140 per tachometer hour for student training, all theory training free. Hire and fly $127 per taco hour plus landing fee per day per member $2.35. Aircraft are jabs. 170/230 and FK9
  4. Lucky bugger be buggered, isn't that what clubs are all about, members volunteering their services and expertise for the mutual good of the club?? What member scre80 didn't elaborate on is that for those prices you can hire a Jabiru, J170, J230 or a FK9. Some of these aircraft are privately owned and are cross hired to the club. The Adelaide Soaring Club at Gawler is one hell of a club.
  5. Stillhere


    Anyone built a nose wheel version of the Aeropup? If so what do you think?
  6. I posed the original question of this thread. What prompted me to do that was because I had become really interested in these unusual flying machines from what I had seen and read on the internet particularly the Calidus and the Magni- M24 and similiar. I was thinking I would like to get a piece of this action however having seen what has transpired in some of the replies I have decided I don't really want to be a part of your organisation. Depending on how things panned out I would have been tempted to buy one. I'll stick to flying 3 axis LSA's, thanks but no thanks.
  7. I thought I asked a legitimate question. I didn't really invite gratuitous swipes at RAAus. Anyway I am still none the wiser.
  8. Why are the medical requirements for a gyroplanelicence higher than RAAus LSA pilots.
  9. Why is the medical level higher for gyroplane pilots than that of RAAUS LSA pilots which is fit to drive a motor vehicle.
  10. Hi all you skyranger builders. Can anyone come up with a bottom line dollar amount it cost them to build and get the aircraft up and flying, fancy avionic options aside, or is it a suck and see sort of thing where the costs keep mounting up as you progress and in the end resembles nothing like the advertised price. Stillhere
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