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  1. How long did it take to get your endorsement done? Is there a max weight limit for pilots on this aircraft?
  2. I am thinking of buying a tail dragger. Unfortunately it is seemingly impossible to get a tail dragger endorsement in or around SA. I know Aldinga do them but I am hoping not to pay $375/hour to get it. Can anyone help around SA with advice. I am also hoping it is only around 1 hour to get provided I prove competent.
  3. YGAW has a 3000 ltr Mogas tank. It got drained one weekend and no one owned up. Wont be getting filled again. We have also had incidents lately of Avgas being taken and not recorded. If it keeps up we may loose all of our fuel facility.
  4. Yes Gnarly. You cross above the restricted area. Only a few minutes and at 4500 you can glide across.
  5. The problem I have is I can't de register to 19 my 24 Jabiru 170c. I have no options. I have my engine currently in pieces after 400 hrs. I had a problem with no compression in number 2 cylinder when cold. The compression became normal once the engine was warm. My LAME tried everything to fix this issue but had no luck. 4 weeks ago I did a cross country from Gawler to Corny Point and return. On the return from Corny Point I lost oil pressure into the yellow. I diverted to a country strip near by and landed. It turned out the oil reserve was full and the engine took 300ml of oil till it was nor
  6. Congratulations. What an awesome looking aircraft.
  7. My rego renewal took almost 4 weeks. Got it back before it expired. I found the staff very eager to help when I rang. If you know it is due get the renewal in early. Don't sit back and wait for RA AUS to send the renewal. The person I dealt with went out of her way to be helpfull.
  8. Happy to be of any help i can Maj
  9. A great trip away with Aeroscene to Rawnsley Park in the Flinders ranges. Around 12 aircraft flew up from YGAW on the Saturday and stayed overnight. Flew back Sunday in cloudy skies. Great weekend away.
  10. Went to 6500 to 7000 feet over the weekend flying to Wilpena Pound. Lots of turbulence over the ranges as well. RAM mount never faultered.
  11. I have a RAM mount for my ipad mini. Never had a problem with it coming off. Works fantastically on my Jab.
  12. No worries Steve. I am sure Mick would rather fly the Bulldog. Busy Saturday and the weather isn't looking great Sunday so no real hurry. Just need her ready for the Rawnsley Park trip in 3 weeks.
  13. Charged the battery and it is holding charge. So now it must be the electrical system. No pressure Mick if you are busy I can wait. Steve I haven't seen the Bulldog fly lately. Great aircraft.
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