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  1. Thank you for that Bruce much appreciated cheers Steve
  2. Thanks Bruce for sorting that for me. Do you know where the designated c of g is so i can hang test it i have no plans for it and i haven't got a printer so i can't download a set of plans mine is a low wing with a 503 on it it did have a Jabiru 1600 on it.cheers, Steve.
  3. I have purchased a partly completed minimax low wing aircraft i noticed it has wash in in the wing instead of wash out is this the norm or has it been stuffed up? thanks in advance, Steve.
  4. Hi Deskpilot, Ring Keith Eden on 0419013643 he should be able to advise you.cheers, Steve.
  5. There is a Thruster T300 for sale in Leeton nsw, very good condition registered for $6,000 . 0408612621
  6. It is good to know it still survives Jack,Tony and i did a lot of work and research together
  7. That'sa great looking TST Capillatus
  8. 2 strokes have been flying from Tassie to the mainland for a long time with out incident just ask Eugene
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