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  1. Adventure tourism in NZ is worth 3 billion a year and exists because they addressed this issue of looking after those who were injured and not going through the blame game. Our system of determining blame before the help/ money is proved to those injured is not a great system IMHO. Insurance does not address this issue it avoids it.
  2. Under pilots injury. https://www.caselaw.nsw.gov.au/decision/1761bcf1a49d5847a34354fe A very sad read!
  3. The Judge made the statement in the same statement, so the difference stood out to me.
  4. The Supreme Court has made the judgement in this case that the girl was injured psychologically and could not work or realise her potential. She has been awarded her wages for the rest of her life. The pilot was told by the Supreme Court that he may have had psychological issues as a result of the accident but his claim against the council was not upheld. The Supreme Court and the judge have the evidence and make decisions accordingly. Why is the pilot treated different from the girl? The court makes decisions according to law and expectations of society. The law may not have chang
  5. https://www.thecourier.com.au/story/7038648/ferris-wheel-plane-crash-victim-gets-15m/ This sad story continues and it raises the question of where does it leave us the pilots. Stuff up a go around and you could be ruined.
  6. Whoever was in the backseat of that glider did nothing to prevent or avoid what happened. The student quite rightly said “I have it” as nothing useful was coming from the back seat. The student probably will be too scared to fly a glider again and hopefully the enquiry will limit the person in the back. We hear this is what happens when you fly into cloud but this video shows it dramatically. Learning by other people’s mistakes is the best way and I commend whoever posted it.
  7. I have shares in 3 aircraft and do the annuals on them every year. One is old, one is not as old and one is relatively new. They are all not flown over 100 hours a year. I do all the standard base things, lubes, ad’s, inspection etc on all of them. Then I go to where I know I have not been for a while to make sure nothing is wrong or can be made better. After a few years your aircraft are in good condition and you have confidence in them. Doing minimal annual inspection will lead to degradation of the aircraft and you will have to play catch up which will be expensive or worse.
  8. The move away from mode c transponders is driven by better functionality of mode s, ads b and decommissioning of secondary surveillance radars. ASA has built ads b receiving network across Australia and mandated ads b for IFR flights. Now that cheap vfr ads b is available the way ahead is clear so we can all have compatible system for surveillance. As you say the ads b in on the sky echo is very cheap and it works well for me. The output of sky echo could be improved by an external antenna as mentioned on another thread. It does work well in plastic planes though.
  9. The old wheel had proper bearings which you had to fit and discard the roller bearing that came with the wheel. It looked like a wheelbarrow/ trolly wheel but was better than it looked. The crack that developed was probably a flaw in the weld that propagated around. They not available anymore so the upgrade to the alloy wheel is the way to go. Ray says he can design a completely new fork and wheel which would also be a good option but it would need testing.
  10. Aircraft Spruce / Sky Shop. NW 40 B Matco. Cost a fortune ($480) with a aircraft tyre and tube but no modifications other than the axel. The exchange rate has improved since then though. Ray T says he will have them turned up at that price but you just have to get over there it.
  11. I will post pictures later but the old one was pressed steel and cracked around the weld to the hub. The new one is aluminium and in 2 halves bolted together and I’m a lot more confident with this type of wheel.
  12. After 150 hours on my Sierra the nose wheel decided to split at the hub. Luckily the fork kept it contained and no damage. I decided to put a Matco 4 inch nose wheel on and all that was needed was a new axle as the bearings are .675 in rather than 15 mm. All went well until the test fight where nose wheel shimmy occurred. So violent it tore 2 in slots in the spat attachment holes. Took the spat off and decided to overhaul the leg. Mine has the small diameter leg where any wear will show up as sideways movement. I redrilled the attachment holes and reamed them to new bolts. No movement. Next ti
  13. ELT and PLB’s are fine and mandatory for xc for us. However better technology like ads-b, spot, Inreach etc do not qualify. You have to crash or activate ELT/PLB to alert whereas the others show your track on a web page so your base can find where you are. AMSA and CASA won’t budge. DADogS!
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