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  1. Update: Checked again today in air. Radio works just fine RX and TX on three tested frequencies. Xcom radio has mode to display supply voltage, in air it reads 12.09 volts. Regulator is supplying at 14.2 volts. Checked information with my battery EXT20L recommends charding at between 13.8 and 14.6 volts so that seems OK. Clearly the radio has a "fault" in that it used to work fine at the regulated voltage for the last 6 years. On engine off after landing RX still fine and Xcom reads supply voltage at 11.15 volts. I feel that is problem solved, for the time being at least.
  2. Thanks RFguy will give that a try.
  3. They are good points. Haven't found any problem yet but have only checked that the transmitter now works. At least I now know that it is not RF interference or voltage spikes on the supply line. Will try series of diodes next. The only way to reduce the Ducati regulator output voltage is to replace the regulator I assume.
  4. Problem solved. It's the Xcom radio, it does not like 13.9 volts supplied with engine running. Have added a Pololu 12V, 2.4A step down "buck" regularor D36V28F12 and the Xcom now reads 12.1 volts with motor running. Transmitts and receives fine. Clearly something has changed with the Xcom as the Ducati regulator output has not changed. Perhaps the radio will continue to work with this reduced voltage, will wait and see.
  5. Thanks Glen, planning to go today to do more tests.
  6. OK, will check that the supply is clean, thanks.
  7. Thanks for that suggestion. Will look at that next. I wonder why the receiver sound quality is not affected in some way also?
  8. I have been using a Lightspeed Zulu2 headset with an Xcom 760 VHF radio fitted to Savannah XL since 2013 without any problems at all, till about a week ago. The side tone on transmitting suddenly stopped and I found that the radio was not transmitting. I have since done a factory reset (by pressing two buttons simultaneously till 'reset' is displayed). Sidetone on pressing PPT button now restored and checked with other receivers that radio was transmitting. Thought the problem was sorted! However these tests were done with the motor not running. Have since found that my transmissions are rec
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