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  1. I do not know why and how the RAA can be blamed for this. ALA is "advisory only". Therefore, in a nutshell: What is allowed to Gods is not allowed to Ox.
  2. So, which way the prop on this particular machine is turning ?
  3. Good point. I can't really see the r/h flap down. Can you ?
  4. Fantastic video Rodgerc ! Taking off the ground a Tail Dragger in 3 Point Landing Attitude and bouncing the Tail Wheel back on grass...........that great angle off attack on take off would not be too good for any light aircraft including Nose Wheel.
  5. Tony


    Fantastic, thank you !
  6. Tony


    BTW, someone got a copy of the Manual for the type we are talking about ? Kind Regards,
  7. Tony


    I got it registered as follows: Database Details for Aircraft: 10-1312 Manufacturer: Thruster Aircraft Model: T85sg Serial No: 312 Certified: no Manufactured: 01 Jan 1990 First Registered: 24 Oct 1991 Seats: 1 Weight: 156.00kg For renewal of registration they now require: Photographs of cockpit Max Take-Off Weight and Warning Placards. Photographs of registration numbers under the wing and both sides on vertical surfaces.
  8. Tony


    Hi Guys, Who knows what is the MTOW Single Seater TSG85 (25.6" Clipped Wing) ?
  9. Hi Guys, We have scored 204 views and 20 replies in this problem and we got some answers - thanks to everybody ! In conclusion, it appers to me the Thruster wing may be rigged to 0+ (zero plus) geometrical washout. How much the value of PLUS is ? It is rather a matter of a taste and experience. At this stage I am going for 1 and 3/4 of a degree which is 40mm measured vertically. Peter G, thank you for taking the measurement from your machine. Gorky450, the length of the struts is affected by the exact position of the predrilled holes for the top brackets and the bottom
  10. Hi Guys, I am very gratefull for all your inputs from every each of you. I think I have to disclose a bit more about this particular one seater Thruster 'T85SG' I am reconstructing. It has the dihedral 50mm at the leading edge. (Only.) What is alarming to me, it has got a NEGATIVE (!) washout so bad so the ailreons appear to have NEGATIVE dihedral by 50mm. It still was flying, but not by me. Now, everybody on this post would agree this is absolutely wrong and I have to do something about it. It is very easy to extend the rear struts only if I know by how much exactly. T
  11. Hi Guys, I am nearly completing restoration of my Thruster 85SG 'clipped wing' 25'6''. I am looking for answer to the question: How is washout achieved on Thruster wing ? More specifically, is there any structural washout, if yes, what is the value to change the angle of the incidence on the tips. Thanks in advance to your inputs. Tony
  12. Did anybody noticed the machine crossed the shadow of the pole just before it collided with. Which means.....
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