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  1. September 11th turned out to be a very special day for me and in tribute to the victims of 9/11 I dedicate the successful test flight of the first ever hand built aircraft on Norfolk Island that I had the privilege of test flying on my birthday. It was an extreme success and memorable moment.
  2. Just spent a few days down at Rangiora near Christchurch and met a great bunch of flying enthusiasts who fly in a group around the area doing strip and river bed landings. A great group of guys. Certainly was exciting doing a river bed landing.
  3. Yes im sure we have been having many of the same experiences and "feelings" along the way like all the other Savannah builder / owners. Yes we will test fly ourselves. Hadyn
  4. Any progress on your paper work yet Bob?
  5. String line and wing incidence worked out fine. Thanks again to Neil, Bill and Mark for pointing these checks out that weren't in the manual.
  6. An exciting day here for us on Norfolk Island with our first taxi runs on the Norfolk Island airport while we are waiting for the paper work to be processed. Thanks Bill for fitting me in for my BFR on my very short trip to Australia and thanks also to Neil for being there as a back up.
  7. Thanks mark. Very happy with the throttle rods so far. I have read your concerns on this topic, if we are not happy it is very easy to change again. FYI the 767 actuator rods we used are exactly as they have come off with no length adjustment required, like it was ment to be....
  8. Sorry for the lack of communication and updates on our Norfolk Island Sav S build. Getting there slowly....... Still a hand full of jobs to do and a bit of painting to finish off but most important thing of all......still enjoying every moment of the build .
  9. Well done Bob, its been enjoyable watching your progress and trying to keep up with you!
  10. Thanks for the inspiration, very happy with the result.
  11. Thanks for the info. Yes we are looking very carefully into this. From some of the info that we have found, its suggesting that 95 Ron is more the blended ethanol fuel and 98 RON was the way to go. Its just hard to understand why the 98 RON is more expensive to buy than avgas from the bulk fuel suppliers. Adding octane booster is going to be too expensive.
  12. Yes it has been too long since the last update. Our Norfolk Savannah is progressing well. All the painting is now complete, carpet in, engine in, wiring harness in, oil and cooling system sorted and plumbed, screen and cowl all fitted up well. Just continuing with all lose many little finishing off jobs. One of our current issues is organising the fuel as we only have 91 unleaded mogas here on island. I didn't realise how difficult this would be. Its looking like we will pay more to get 95-98 unleaded on island than avgas.
  13. Sounds like your keen for a trip to Norfolk. Buy the time we are ready I will be up for another BFR along with the other guys here. I think we should still be getting someone over for the test flight, any hands up??
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