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  1. Only have to think about a similar situation in the UK where a lot of passengers died due to leaving the evac too late. A lot of professional pilots are asking why they did not evac asap.
  2. 3 dead in small plane crash near Hobby Airport there is an audio link conversation between the controller and pilot here. Sounds like it just went from bad to worse due to tight spacing between the Cirrus and heavy jets.
  3. 3 attempts to land. report says low time pilot, inexperience to blame. must have forgot about the brs
  4. I remember Camden being pretty much isolated back around 92 when i worked there and lived on Razorback. There was one laneway into the place. Just. Have some photos somewhere. I suppose now with all the new housing around the area it would put more load on the areas drainage. Can't remember Picton going under like that in recent times.
  5. Store them on their sides with the bungs horizontal, preferably off the ground. 6 inch round poles are good. I tilt the drum when pumping fuel so the side the fuel is coming from is on the high side and i like to let it sit a few minutes before pumping. The paste is good just smear some on a length of dowel on on the end of the spear. The little "pills" and a syringe can be used when you take a sample when you first pump. Shell will usually give these away.
  6. What a shame Aviation is like this. All my adult life it seems there has been a cold war going on. Anyone would think CASA are working for the Commies and are intent to destroy industry and our economy. sigh.
  7. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-02-28/pilot-of-missing-light-plane-found-dead-in-blue-mountains/7205766
  8. I did a couple days jumping there some years back. High altitude, hot and turbulent with absolutely no safe outs. More than happy never to go back there.
  9. When entering this part of the forum, kindly check your emotions at the door. A little to sensitive if you cannot accept that a signature travels with all posts. Once again thread drift within a handful of posts. Subject here is a serious accident with loss of life not about some over sensitive cry baby. The aircraft was found well within the circuit area 200 mts from the runway. It took over 12 hours and 10 aircraft to find it. search stopped around 10 pm last night and recommenced this morning. Needless to say the area is really hard to access and to fly here one must be really keen. Some discussion last night on facebook pilots lounge when SAR actions commenced. Once again we will have to wait for the investigation outcome to find out what went wrong.
  10. Ditto, can't complain about them at all. Set it all up and even took all the packaging with them.
  11. Chips when cutting it open is no real problem what you are looking at is the inside of the paper filter you have to cut it off the tube and slice it open then pull it open like an accordion.
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