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  1. I saw it at Natfly in Narromine in 1999 when it was brand new! I think I still have the photo's somewhere.
  2. Spot on Pat,SB582 55 0746 empty weight 251 kg mtow 450.Also reluctantly thinking of selling due to usual reasons,840 hrs 3 owners,L2 maintained,$23k.Cheers,Zyg.
  3. Absolutely,been thinking of goin' over to American river for months.Soon as this weather settles down we'll do it.(must give the machine it's 100 hourly some time this week)
  4. Mornin' Pat,XP,are you blokes aware that you can get the whole brake assy.excl.the drum from Lockwoods in Florida for $40us?
  5. Everyone that's ever played around with clouds should watch this!
  6. zyg

    gear box oil

    Timbo,I've just done a gbox oil change on my 582 & the rotax manual says to use either SAE 140 EP or 85W 140 EP.I used the Castrol 85W as it's been in this engine for 780 hrs & wear seems minimal.Cheer's,Zyg.
  7. Finally got one machined up by a bloke with a cnc machine.Now heHas programmed it more can be made for about $50,should anyone need one.
  8. Thank's Maj,tried that,but all they had was a new marine plastic cap & flange which would mean removing the old alloy flange,& that's glassed into the tank ,so I'll probably get one machined up as Mr Drifter USA suggests.Cheer's.
  9. Thank's mate,seems like the way to go.Good photo,I'm guessing the RH one's the original?
  10. Thanks David,I'll give him a call.Cheer's Zyg.
  11. Thanks Thirsty[you know there's a cure for that?] I've been meaning to get over there for a while,it's where I learned to fly back in ''98.
  12. Yeah mate,I fly over to Goolwa quite often.I actually hangered it there from Oct to Feb in one of Geoff's hangers & spent many hours tooling over Hindmarsh Island & Milang,beautiful.
  13. G'day everyone,I'm new to this forum caper but it seems like a great way to gain info & support from other Drifter owners.That said,does anyone know where I might get hold of a fuel cap? I seem to of um lost one! Cheers Steve.
  14. Just joined the website so thought I'd introduce myself.I've owned an SB 582 Drifter since Oct last year & have flown around 75 hrs in it.Loving every minute up there! Looking forward to chatting with other drifter pilots about these marvellous machines.
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