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  1. Avid Explorer when it was in Taree in 2012.
  2. This site never fails to amaze me.............
  3. Yep, I looked it up, best I came up with was "Wet Shoes Porn Video "
  4. How dear are the brake shoes or pads? I know I would just replace both sets.
  5. Done the survey now let's see if and when we get a response from the company.
  6. And as in politics "The people have spoken, we have a Mandate" A good spin doctor will say "The vast majority are happy with our direction and performance " even if the positive responses are as low as 65% of the members surveyed.
  7. PapaFox and djpacro thanks for your informed information. Copy and pasted: 6.55 Exercise of privileges of flight crew licences etc (1) A person who holds a security designated authorisation must not perform a duty that is essential to the operation of an aircraft while the aircraft is in Australian territory if the Secretary: (a) has determined that the person has an adverse aviation security status; and (b) has given a copy of the determination to the person. Penalty: 20 penalty units. Note: A pilot licence, a flight engineer licence and a special pilot lice
  8. I was told an alternate must be planed for every flight. The example given to me was if there is an incident at your destination, whether it is a private strip or not, and the runway is closed you need an alternate landing site. I was told it is one of the requirements that an ASIC must be carried with you in the plane on every flight. Once again I ask if there are any Instructors or CFIs that can confirm or deny that this is now the policy of RAAus.
  9. I was told by a CFI while doing a BFR that an ASIC is required in case I have to divert to an alternative landing site even though I use a private strip most of the time. Are there any instructors or CFIs that can confirm that is or isn't the new directions from the top?
  10. Trouble is that's all the public get to hear or read and that damages our reputation as responsible flyers.
  11. From the Peterson Aviation site this may help. AUSTRALIA To order STCs in Australia, contact: Dr. RJ Hodges PO Box 84 CHURCHILL Australia 3842 0407-360844 0356-292517
  12. So David why are there different sections and rules in all the constitutions and model rules that you and I have seen and operated under if the AGM is just another General Meeting? It may be normal to conduct the business of the AGM and then declare the meeting closed followed closely by a General Meeting (usually after a coffee and sanga break) but it would be in breach not to close the AGM first. What is not normal in the calling of this particular AGM is the fact that resolutions were also called for. Can you show us anywhere in the constitution that states members resolutions can b
  13. The AGM notice in the mag did indeed mention members resolutions and proxies. This is not normal for AGM's. They are to inform the members of the condition of the organisation and not consider any general business other than that ariseing from the minutes of the previous AGM. 27 and 28 of the Constitution are in regard to General Meetings and not AGM's. 20 of the constitution is in regard to Annual General Meetings and 20.4 states 20.4 The Chairman of the Annual General Meeting must give Members as a whole a reasonable opportunity at the meeting to ask questions or make comments about the
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