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  1. On the positive side he's got the guts to share his mistake so the rest of us can learn from it. He could have chosen to keep this to himself to avoid the embarrassment.
  2. Bloody lucky he wasn't tempted to take it up after a few successful ground runs. Imagine if those zip ties gave way at any height.
  3. That pterodactyl looks a bit sleepy for my liking.
  4. Hi Mark, I'm going to have to do something very similar, I have the same muffler in what looks like same position as yours. Coming into warmer weather now so won't be long before I'm able to fibreglass again. The corflute to get rough shape is a great idea - thanks for sharing! Cheers, Marty
  5. Didn't know it was lost.
  6. Thank you for pointing out exactly why the Australian generation grid needs to be changed. I see a few Tesla's, Leaf's, electric Hyundai's and BMW's on the roads down here. As our state grid is hydro powered it's renewable, except for when the silly buggers running it decided to sell lots of electricity to Victoria when prices were high and ran the water supply too low.
  7. Not sure if you're missing a V there, but Matt Canavan has never talked sense in his life. Sad for a 40 year old man to be stuck in the 1950's. Of course, you're counting all the emissions that come from the coal we pull out of the ground and sell to the rest of the world, aren't you? I really hope the "common man" has more common sense than the reactionary, self interested retards in the National party.
  8. I like that. In fact it could be someone who's slow after too many beverages. "Dave! It's your bloody shout, you grognard!"
  9. Hi all, More questions... Firstly, NPT fittings (these are the tapered threads). What sealant do you use? Standard automotive stuff like this - https://www.repco.com.au/en/car-care-panel/adhesives-sealants/fastener-locking/permatex-high-performance-thread-sealant-50ml-px56521/p/A9693218?rgfeed=true&cid=google-shopping&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&region_id=100481&gclid=CjwKCAiAp8iMBhAqEiwAJb94z2XFlj83Zns6qRELRiVW_YIC805DgUNqZA0JUHW_fF0o6sYq8K95cxoC6o4QAvD_BwE ? Secondly - hose clamps. What sort of clamps come standard with Rotax fu
  10. Those gliders look good - couple of them are around $36 - $38K at the moment - but in the description it says "UNSERVICEABLE". What's going on there? Is that a caveat that they have to put in to protect themselves or does it really mean the aircraft cannot be flown? The trailers are the duck's guts too.
  11. Welcome Kurt! Bob and Mark are both fantastic at providing help and advice. (My build is more a CH701/Sav hybrid, but most bits are the same size!) As Bob says, keep the pics coming, we love seeing new planes being built. Cheers, Marty
  12. Marty_d

    Lavochkin La-7

    The Spitfireski! I heard a shocking rumour that the gorgeous elliptical airfoil of the Spit was stolen from Russia.
  13. Bloody lucky they didn't clean up a jumper or two when recovering from that spin.
  14. Extend your mortgages and polish up your platinum credit card. https://aircraft.pickles.com.au/
  15. Fuel... again... firstly I did what I should have done ages ago and checked the plans. 1/4" fuel line is perfectly fine for the 701. So that's a relief, and probably why I bought those 1/4" quick release fittings from Aircraft Spruce in the first place. So - I made up a small L-shaped piece today from 0.032" to take the two quick release fittings in the L/H wing root, put a 3/8" to 1/4" reducer in the line from the tank and hooked them up. I will put a small inspection port under so that by removing a couple of screws I can disconnect the fuel lines just by pushing the release b
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