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  1. Would it be hard to segregate if you brought it back? For instance you could have the "what's new" buttons only giving aviation stuff and a separate "what's new-off topic" to give all off topic stuff. I don't mind one way or another but saving you money would be good!
  2. Not sure what crop is in that paddock, looks like grass to me. But then I'm not a farmer!
  3. I think he did a great job. Even had the prop stopped horizontally so it didn't hit anything. At least he didn't hit the other big rock in Stanley...
  4. Especially if you're looking for one without a cowling, and you add "nude", "bare", "undressed", or "with bits hanging out"
  5. As far as I know, the 80hp Rotax is a 4 stroke...
  6. I think the instructor was the clown there. Jeez that put the pucker factor on, especially when the camera inverted - I thought they'd gone in then.
  7. I would agree that the guy is a highly experienced jumper, even without knowing who he is you can see his skill with maintaining different attitudes in free fall. However I would also say that there is a lot that can go wrong with trying to attach harnesses (looks like he's hiding some straps under the shorts) while going straight down at 220km/h. I've done a tandem jump - just one, which I admit is not a great deal of experience, but there was a lot of strapping together and adjusting and tightening stuff and double checking before we jumped out of the plane. Not a
  8. I can't edit the previous post now, but @red750 kindly brightened up the photo.
  9. Hi Ian, Bit of a strange one, I just uploaded a photo in my "Marty_d's CH-701 build log" thread, and it comes out rotated 180 degrees (so upside down). It's the right way up in my folder on the computer. Any ideas? Tried to edit the post but there's no way, as far as I can see, to rotate images. Cheers, Marty
  10. Got the welded up exhaust tubes back from the welder a couple of weeks ago, only just got an hour to test fit. I also bought a threaded stud and 8 new lock nuts from Bert Flood, but for this fit just used the original nuts. It's gone on mostly ok but the ball of one of the long pipes is not quite seating. Not sure whether to get the welder to cut and insert a very short length to make it a bit longer - any advice?? Sorry about the darkness of the photo - need some more light in the shed!
  11. Sorry to hear about the quarantine, but it'd be an experience having only 3 people in a brand new A321. Do you have to compensate for the missing weight of pax + luggage at all, or just fly empty? Guessing handling would be a bit different?
  12. You too Don. All the best mate.
  13. It really is a silly compromise. Either something flies well or it drives well - can't have both. Not sure how much these whizzbang Inspector Gadget car/planes go for, but willing to bet for the same money you could have a beautiful trailered aircraft and a top of the line 4WD to tow it with.
  14. I liked the gratuitous bum shots at seconds 5 and 8. Oh, and the rocketeer dunking.
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