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  1. This stuff is complicated. I've never done any wiring before except for a power point or light fitting. From everything I'm reading it appears that the battery has to go straight to the starter relay (without switch or fuse between) because the starter motor can pull huge amps when turning over. So how is the capacitor wired to the regulator? Thanks for your patience guys - I am a total newbie when it comes to electrical stuff. Making wing ribs is child's play compared to this.
  2. Thanks guys - I'm in the checkout at Element 14 now - while I have free delivery (the mounting bracket tipped it over $50) - is there anything else I should be getting at this point in time?
  3. This one? https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/indicators/0209119/ Thanks Bob.
  4. Hi Sav owners, I'm installing the Sav wiring harness and instruments on my 701. Noticed that the wiring plans show the fuel header warning light and test switch installed on the far right side of the panel. Seems to me that if I have a warning light telling me I have 18 minutes of fuel left, I want that bugger right in front of me. Have any of you changed the position of this? Or is it noticeable enough where they position it? Thanks, Marty
  5. Hi all, While the weather is too cold for painting and fibreglass finishing, thought I'd get stuck into the electrics. What is the best battery option for the 912? I think placement is going to be in the engine bay - the Zenith build pics show it behind the passenger seat but given mine is a 701/Sav hybrid, that's where the header tank is going. Some folks are apparently using EarthX Lithium batteries, which according to their website http://www.earthxmotorsports.com.au/ are often recommended by Rotax and recreational aircraft companies
  6. It worked in that movie with Denzel Washington. But that was a movie.
  7. People love talking about their stuff Spacey. Just tell them you're interested in electric cars and they'll chew your ear off for hours.
  8. Done any 701's yet Mark? (Very similar to early Sav I guess).
  9. It's early days of EV. Hats off to the early adopters, but at the moment the price is too high for my wife and I. She wants to get an EV after her 2009 Hyundai i30, but I reckon she'll have to wait for about 4 or 5 years, when the price is equal or lower than petrol/diesel. So yes, right now you'll get some range problems, you'll get a few people going back to petrol, you'll have a lack of infrastructure, etc. But it is the leading edge of the change so at the moment only the richer or truly committed will go for the pricey EV's. In a few years the wave will roll on and new IC
  10. It'd have to be a deaf and blind bird who couldn't get out of the way of that thing. Seriously though I reckon the software would be set up to recognise the uncommanded loss of an engine and compensate with the other 7.
  11. Just one more thing to say - Alabama: very Republican, heavy Trump support Vermont: Democrat.
  12. I guess the problem is accessibility - if the switch is on the firewall for example then there's either the chance of hitting it with your foot or not being able to reach it in an emergency. Where did you mount it? Would be interested in the details of your isolator.
  13. Don't people put a battery isolation switch in their aircraft? I was in Repco today looking at this - https://www.repco.com.au/en/globes-batteries-electrical/electrical-accessories/switches/narva-rotary-battery-master-isolator-switch-with-removeable-keyed-knob-contacts-rated-100a-12v-61036bl/p/A9758517 Would like to hear from the electrically qualified here, would it be a good idea to have that going straight from the battery before going anywhere else?
  14. @Flightrite - sorry if I misunderstood you - but if you have a read of what you said, it's easy to do. Kind of like "The boy helped his uncle, Jack, off a horse" vs "The boy helped his uncle Jack off a horse".
  15. Well mate, I'm sorry if you took what I said as a personal attack, but your post immediately prior called people who got the vaccination "lunatics" - so you did kind of throw the first stone. And while you're enduring lockdown, consider this - the government's mistake was not organising bulk purchase of Pfizer when they had the chance, because you don't put all your eggs in one basket. But the only way you're NOT going to get lockdowns is when you get a certain percentage (probably 85-90) of the population vaccinated.
  16. Yes, but the intelligent person who had the jab will live. But never mind that, better to die free and stupid huh?
  17. I've heard an urban legend about a penny-pinching pilot at Cambridge airport (Hobart) who would turn the engine off after touch down if it looked like the Hobbs meter was about to click over. Guess he would have got some exercise pulling the 172 back to the apron.
  18. I think they're talking about the other little prick...
  19. Duncan, I'm using chrome moly steel tube for the struts on my 701. One idea I'm considering is simply to fold 0.016" aluminium into an airfoil shape and rivet to the tube. Because the distances are so small and the curvature gives strength, I can probably get away with either no ribs at all or maybe one top and bottom. Have you considered that as an option?
  20. Mark, please don't feel I'm downplaying your concerns about the political parties, I'm not. In fact I share them, probably from a different perspective to you, but certainly agree that the mob in power are pretty useless and Labor hasn't distinguished themselves greatly (mainly because they went to the last election with a pretty good set of policies and an ineffective opposition, and still lost). My point is that when we decide to sweep the existing democratic process away and go for any kind of dictator, we get a Trump, Bolsonaro, Duterte or some other useless turd who fouls up
  21. Yep - we'll need whale oil forever - copper wires will always be needed for telecommunications - we can't get by without ivory - horses will always be essential... The list of things that would "always" be critical has found itself changing drastically. The internal combustion motor in small transport vehicles is just one more. Fact is that as citizens of Australia we have 2 choices. We can accept that a major change in engine technology is happening worldwide, that the kind of cars we used to buy new are no longer going to be available, and we can get in front of the cur
  22. High wing, T tail, looks a bit like a BAe146? Could be an Avro RJ85 airtanker. https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/nafc-arena-help/2018+National+Fleet+Poster+A3.pdf
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