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  1. Corrine


  2. I have logged in as Corrine who has standard user rights: and it seems the uploading of images is working ok. Can you advise what image extension you are trying to upload and if the file is larger than 250kb
  3. Thanks guys. Sorry it has taken me a while to reply but I've been a tad busy, what with having to look after 2 kids while your husband is galavanting around the European country side (yes, without me). Actually contrary to how it just sounded I don't mind. He has promised to bring me back something really really nice (he is stopping off at Dubai on the way home- oohh all that lovely gold jewellery). Thanks again and I did have quite a nice day, the kids behaved. Bye Bye Corrine
  4. Hi All My name is Corrine and I am Ian's other half - really it's me Ian but I am just showing Corrine how to log in and post but Corrine will be logging in from time to time now
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