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  1. Condolences to the Pilots family and friends. A very sad outcome.
  2. Didn't do any rece whilst I was there Planet unfortunately. Just didn't have time. One good thing though is that my bro- in law has a tinnie that he can pick me up in. He lives close to the Co Op so that's a bonus. Just have to find contact details for the airfield
  3. Thx Pylon. If I do fly in there, I would naturally obtain permission, and I was thinking of contacting the local marina there to arrange a pick up and transport to the mainland. At this stage it's all hypothetical. No solid plans. I'm driving up there for Christmas Day and naturally I'm looking for aerodromes for the follow up visit to my brothers new place there
  4. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tuncurrymuseum/4840156172/in/photostream/lightbox/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/tuncurrymuseum/4840155852/ http://static.panoramio.com/photos/original/2540688.jpg
  5. Thanks Camel, interesting link. Would be a fantastic airpark ! I also found a photo of the place with over 50 aircraft parked on the apron.The good old days
  6. Gday guys I,m trying to ascertain weather or not the Aerodrome at Forster/Tuncurry is operational or not? I can see it on GE and it seems to be a boat ride over to the main land from the aerodrome island. Has anyone been in there? Cheers
  7. Thanks again John. I checked out PHS online and they do sound the way to go. However being in Melb rules it out for me as I have to keep working to be able to afford the training in the first place, so Sydney is really the best option for me. I,m looking for a school that does their Flight Theory in house and nearly all of them send you up to QLD Advanced Flight Theory. Or there,s a new one in Sydney called Heli Theory Australia. http://www.helitheory.com.au/ I can travel to there in under 2 hrs from home so its probably my only option. RE my Rec Pilot Cert adding to my hrs is pretty much a definite NO. Even though the syllabus is the same with out the instrument training or Controlled Airspace they wont look at it. Anyway I have to wait until after June before I can even do a TIF as we have a long overdue holiday booked (a year ago) to Cairns and my wife has an operation coming up in June so once all of this has settled down I can start moving on some actual lessons. Steve
  8. Hi John, thanks for that great reply. I definitely need some inspiration. I,ve not had the best response around the traps in regards to my age. (the flying schools say "no worries") I,ve even been considering doing a Fixed Wing CPL. But my real ambition is Heli. But the fixed wing will be a bit cheaper if it all falls over like it did for you. My wife,s getting a bit nervous too about the whole thing and I have to keep her on the boil or I,m stuffed. lol. She has every right to be concerned if I cant get a return on out investment promptly.:stupid: I might be better off investing in a B-Double license, at least I will start earning good money immediately.
  9. Thanks Howard. I just have to stay motivated for sure. I,ve been onto the "Bladeslapper" forum and it has been very informative (think I saw a post from you there ?) and also, are you from Ballina ?
  10. G'day everyone. I'm a low 100 hr RAAus Pilot (turning 50 in 2013) looking to make a career in choppers. I'm currently doing my Homework on the likely hood of being able to secure a job at the end of the course. Any help and advice would be most welcome
  11. Post your question on the "General Discussions" page as a new thread and you,ll get plenty of answers I,m sure. And welcome to the forum
  12. It,s a Beech 18. photographed at NATFLY Narromine 2006. I went for scenic flight to Dubbo for fuel and back. It was great. The photo is actually at Dubbo whilst refueling Its a very rare bird in that it is a factory built Tricycle Gear machine http://www.airliners.net/photo/Antique-Airways/Beech-H18-Tri-Gear/0308044/L/&sid=d8a4b18c3982e3091b4d128957bc851f
  13. Gidday Steve, Terry here from Wangaratta. I am looking at a flight tp Ykat in a few months and was after some local knowledge. I own a J230 and saw you flew one of these. Is YKAT a suitable strip for this aircaft or do I need to get in and out fairly light on fuel etc given the altitude. Any help would be great. Thanks Terry
  14. Hi Mate, I called in and saw Rod at YKAT today, it's been a few years and he didn't quite recognise me, are you still flying? Should try to organise maybe a chat over coffee or something as I am up that way for work a bit now, cheers!
    1. Aussie Steve

      Aussie Steve

      Gday Diamond..I have only just received your message, although you posted it in OCTOBER ! Yes I,m flying out of Bathurst these days. Rod dosent have an aeroplane at the moment and I have a very good choice to choose from out there. I,d like to catch up with you one weekend. Where are you working ? I can drive out to YKAT from home.
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