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  1. Even though the engine is rubber mounted I would be very surprised if it wasn't electrically connected to the airframe. What happens if the throttle shaft is grounded while you're touching it and experiencing the noise?
  2. I've been involved (in a small way) with artificial intelligence, neural networks and deep learning. All fancy terms for stuff that is still years away when it comes to terminator style weapons. Even driverless busses are a waste of time. Standard bus with driver is both cheaper to run and safer. Will be for years.
  3. Try to narrow down the problem. Occur engine off or running or both? Does it occur with a standard headset (no noise cancelling stuff)?. Does it occur both sides, pilot and passenger connections? Has anything been done to the plane that may have caused this, for instance did the problem start after your last service. And, just a personal note, if I was flying in Afghanistan I'd be worrying about a lot of other stuff rather than my headset...
  4. I think China's military has more people in it than the entire population of Australia. Just learn 'Don't Shoot' in Chinese and hope for the best.
  5. Peter Drinkholder came up with the idea of having holes in things where you could put your coffee cup etc.
  6. Not long after buying my J170C I had a bad landing, got into PIO (pilot induced oscillation) and so I hit the throttle. There certainly was a strong yaw to the left but maybe the pitch up was masked by the porpoising I had been doing. Thank Heaven I had been taught about PIO during my GA training. Lesson learnt; Don't rush your landings!!!
  7. I think this topic should be taken behind the tractor shed at lunch time and sorted out there.
  8. If your Jabiru was re-registered as a GA aircraft, you'd be able to fly it under the GA rules as a GA pilot.
  9. Place a pin head equal distance between each object. The one with the greater mass will attract the pin head to itself having more gravity than the object of less mass. Do I get a star stamp on my hand?
  10. I think one or two are deliberately antagonizing some others and those others should not take the bait. We all know there are clever folks among our ranks and there's possibly a few dummies. Let's put this to rest now and move on. 🙉
  11. I'm dazed and confused, but; An object with a mass of 3kg will have a weight of (about) 3kg on Earth. Gravity changes a little depending on where you are on the surface of the Earth. The mass never changes, no matter where you are in the universe.
  12. Squelch is confusing to non radio nerds. Some see it as a sort of 'sensitivity' control. It is not. All you do is set a threshold at a point so that background hash is blocked and radio transmissions are not. Any transmission that is 'above the background noise' will open the squelch and be heard. If weak transmissions from distant places are getting through, just wind up the squelch setting a tad. I fail to see how squelch will have an effect on audio quality. You could try a different head-set. If the quality is better, investigate your head-set.
  13. If you push a box across the floor at constant velocity you are exerting a force - just enough to overcome friction. If no force were applied to the box then friction would slow it down to a stop. In a vacuum however, with the force removed the box would continue in a straight line at constant velocity.
  14. You can have a mass of 0.3kg but on the moon that mass will weigh only 0.05kg if my memory serves me correctly.
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