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  1. We were lucky enough to get out of perth in early April & miss the latest round of lockdowns. Our first leg was Bindoon Hill YBHY to Forrest YFRT. An overnight stay then on to Leigh Creek YLEC for the night. Our first stop there and it was great, easy refuelling, airport pick up & drop off and good clean accommodation supported by a nice meal at the tavern. The next leg took us up to Charleville YBCV to do some exploration of the town & soak up some local history. Friendly service at the airport with refuelling and plenty of tie down areas. We met a group of Rot
  2. RIP, condolences to all who knew & loved him. Deepest sympathy to family & close friends. Fly high
  3. If you are comfortable with doing it this way then why change. The fact that you asked indicates you may like a change. There is various programs that make it very easy to navigate, plan and review your flight along the path whilst giving you plenty of time to monitor your aircrafts performance & progress against what was planned. What would be a good thread drift would be to ask how many people have got into trouble using the trusted electronic flight bag V those who have got into trouble with paper navigation. Happy days
  4. I have a suggestion, don’t go into cloud unless you have an aircraft equipped to do so and you are qualified and current with flight in IMC. The only time you should be tilting your head in any direction is to read your documents that validate you and your aircraft’s documents prior to flight. Don’t listen to experts other than your instructor. 👍
  5. Thanks to those who posted both videos they are both great for learning from. If you don't get the message that this was wrong in many ways by watching either of the videos it may be time that you rested in the viewing lounge. The clear message was the glider was in the Send Help In Trouble phase of the flight with little or no situational awareness. The guidance of the rear seat passenger leaves a lot to be desired. cheers
  6. Shajen, I hope all goes well for you with the purchase of this plane. There has been a lot of good advice given here for you to take on board which I am sure you will. I also brought an aircraft sight unseen and have had no issues in the 6 years that I have had it which is just a reminder that there is also some great people in aviation who do the right thing. I was very fortunate to have an experienced and trusted person to go over the aircraft with a fine tooth comb prior to my decision to purchase it. He also has a wealth of knowledge on VANS AIRCRAFT and i
  7. I am hoping the weather is ok to fly there 👍
  8. Hi Clinton, how did you go with your leave pass? With the opening of the borders it is looking more like a possibility now. Cheers
  9. Late May-June will see the wets season gone from the Kimberley & be a good time for travel. It will be getting cooler by then and the thunderstorms well gone which will help with your flight planning.
  10. Hi Thruster, sounds like a great trip. Have you considered the option of doing a group flyaway and or meet other RV's along the planned route who may do some of the journey or all of the journey from their point of departure. The positive is safety in numbers and a few ASIC cards so you don't need to get one if you don't really want to. The only negative could be too many chiefs but I guess that would sort itself out. I am considering a lap around Oz next year from Perth to fit in with my plans for the year. If you do get serious about it send me a P
  11. I have a couple of ideas, I will run them by you when I next see you that may work?
  12. Sounds like a great trip, a few challenges but I guess that made it more interesting. thanks for sharing
  13. I am planning on heading over for a couple of weeks and thought the runway dinner would be a great idea. As it gets a bit closer and if there is an interest we may catch up for an ale and a chat ??
  14. Hi is anyone planning on attending the Runway dinner in Queensland next year? https://www.whitsundayairport.com.au/events/runwaydinner/
  15. Flightrite, good option buy the wine and chocolates after all if It doesn’t work you could consume them ?
  16. Telstra has been good for me flying across Australia and through the Kimberley & West Coast. only ever luckedout with coverage at William Creek which is serviced by Optus. I agree with other comments, get a Telstra map & check coverage. Some places they don’t cover you may never fly to. i have a pre- paid 12 month sim for the IPad & have always rolled over my gig allowance to the next year. I think I pay $150 for 60gb I am not sure if this option is still available
  17. Did you sell NWF to an Albany resident?
  18. 202kts RV7A two up with a good tailwind Done 190 kts a few times but getting over the 200 is good ?
  19. Speed over the ground is pretty good, no wonder you don’t worry about P stops ?
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